First Year (and then some) with YETI🐾 

Puppy days are like dandelion tufts on a windy day. POOF! Somehow, fourteen months have flurried in and out since we collected our chubby, fifteen-pound Great Pyrenees pup.

YETI at 6 weeks

Yes, he really was THAT cute. If you’re new to our blog and missed those early days of fluff, cuddles, and adorable antics, you can indulge your need for cuteness in our first post about Baby YETI.

For those of you who are already fans of our Great Pyrenees pup, we’re happy to indulge with another update post! So, what has changed in Yeti over the past fourteen months? Well, for starters he put on some weight. About 120 pounds worth of it. Yeti is truly a giant. Although, he’d like us to tell you that a good few pounds of his are made up of just fur.

My hubby may look tiny in this pic but it’s just the Yeti effect. And yes, he does rock a toddler pajama set!

I must confess, the dog food bill is forgotten when I witness the majesty of a snowy white mountain king patrolling our homestead.

Yeti’s first few months on the homestead were positively enchanting. (You can read about his early mountain days here: All about 🐾YETI🏔️!) He was a very easy puppy . . . far more so than Bigelow (our five-pound Morkie) ever was.

It wasn’t until the onset of summer and puppy puberty, that the naughtiness began.

Don’t be fooled by that regal, double-coat exterior. In our presence, Yeti may inspire implicit trust, but behind our backs he can be downright sneaky!

The past three seasons have been a gameshow in our forest clearing called Wheel of Disaster. Every day is a guessing game of What-Did-Yeti-Do? Most of his offenses are mild and even endearing a lot of the time. That being said, Yeti has developed some very frustrating habits and addictions over the past ten months, and our rehabilitation attempts have mostly failed.

So, we thought it may do Yeti some good to purge some of his puppy-pastimes in a public forum. After all, the first step to recovery is confession. Thank you all for helping Yeti in his therapy!

Confessions by YETI; the worst things I did this year 🙁

by the way . . . this isn’t one of them
  • Destroyed my kids’ wooden bug box to teach them a lesson cuz I heard Mama tell them to put it away.
  • Dug up all the woodchips around the new fruit trees because I love to eat the expensive organic fruit tree fertilizer. It’s made with chicken poop . . . a delicacy.
  • Dug up the bones Mama and Papa had buried under the new fruit trees once I got tired of the dog-gone fertilizer.
  • Ate two baby apple trees once I’d gotten tired of digging under them.
  • Nearly killed a wild turkey before Papa ruined everything and saved her.
  • Stole the hatchets and huge axe every chance I got. I just love to chew those handles to bits. I don’t know what they’re made of, but that stuff is scrumptious.
  • Destroyed the wood pile because I really don’t see the difference between a log and a stick. It’s all fetch to me.
  • Escaped out the front gate when a snowbank kept it from closing tight and ran down the driveway to fend off a family of ferocious trespassers . . . deer. I hate deer.

I’d look at you, but I’m much too ashamed. Please, give me a moment to compose myself.

I’ve been bad, it’s true. But I did good things this year too!

Boasting by YETI; the best things I did this year 😀

  • Defended the clearing from a ferocious black bear. Ok, so he was an overweight juvenile, but I taught that teenage teddy a lesson!
  • Watched over my sheep, I mean kids, while they played all summer long.
  • Chased chipmunks and squirrels away from the strawberries.
  • Barked my head off whenever Mr. Bobcat came around. I hate cats even more than deer.
  • Got hair on everybody to show my love. Poor things don’t have coats like mine.
  • Sat on the doormat most of the winter to defend my family. Those deer don’t stand a chance.
  • Chased flickers and woodpeckers off my house and all the way down the driveway. Squatters.
  • Watched from the overlook for my master to come home every afternoon, sometimes for four hours straight, so I’m told. My master’s vehicle only returns when the sun is slanting. I don’t understand why this is.

PS. Even though I love the snow, I miss sitting in the garden. My kids are inside most of the time. Their skin coats are so thin, they don’t stay outside too long, even with those shiny pillows they wear. I worry about them. They need me.

Thanks for reading, friends!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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