“Isolation Blues” Archive


Part 1: Rainy Days & Mondays; caring for kids with the “Isolation Blues” (part 1)

Part 2: “Sheltering in PEACE” part 2: caring for kids with the “Isolation Blues”

Part 3/ SHIFT #1: “Sheltering in PEACE” part 3: from promoting panic to FILTERING FEAR (links included)

Part 4/ SHIFT #2: “Sheltering in PEACE” part 4: from passivity to PURPOSE; giving our kids the satisfaction of intentional activity

Part 5/ SHIFT #3: “Sheltering in PEACE” part 5: from REPRESSION to SELF-EXPRESSION; utilizing the arts to restore mental and emotional well-being

Part 6/ SHIFT #4: remove the SHADOW cast on the future and instill HOPE for tomorrow!

6 Ways to Instill Hope for Our Children’s Tomorrow: “Do you love the times you live in?” 7 ways to start!

19 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic is affecting Personal Growth: Do you know the Ice Cream Man?

Book List Bonus: “Isolation Blues” Bibliotherapy & Book Lists (for kids of all ages)

Easy Art Project Bonus: HAPPY FEET Art Project —sure to chase the blues away!