⛄December Newsletter🎄 what we’ll be reading, making, sipping, celebrating, and listening to this Christmas season!

Slam, bam, it’s Christmas, ma’am.

“The Captain” (7 years) playing with puppy “Yeti” (1 year)

Every year, December surprise-attacks me from behind the same way my seven-year-old son enjoys doing when I’m coming out of the bathroom. January to June often seem an eternity to me, especially here in the Great North; endless snow days interrupted only by Easter and bouts of spring fever. Then June to January just feels like a high-powered relay race . . . and I’m the least valuable player it seems.

Gardening and wild summer adventures pass the baton to back-to-school in a running leap. The Little Red Schoolhouse barely works herself up to a trot before tagging Halloween who, sugar high, hurdles directly to Mrs. Thanksgiving who merely holds the baton for one grateful moment before the star-player (Christmas) wrenches it away shouting, “I still want a hoola-hoop!”

Let’s slow things down, shall we? This December, we invite you to join us in simple, soul-filled days. Together, we can unsubscribe from the holiday rush and create a holy haven with our loved ones. Yes, we can. Let’s partake in sacred traditions, commit to generous gestures, and indulge in simple pleasures. Cheers to a cozy, present, light-giving Christmas season!

From our Homeschool to yours,

What we’ll be reading in December . . .

12 “Living Literature” Christmas Picture Books!

This post is a special Christmas edition of our Salt-of-the-Earth-Storytime: a giant “Living Literature” List to grow our children in sound wisdom and strong morals! In this post I proposed that we parents adopt a “carrots first, then cake” policy with our children, both in regard to the food we feed them and the books we read them. In other words, we can first ensure that our child is well-nourished (in mind, body, and spirit) before we ensure that he or she is well-entertained. Healthy before happy. When considering what book list to put together for this holiday season, I was convicted all over again about this incredible calling we have as parents to grow our children in sound wisdom and strong morals. Even at Christmas. Or perhaps . . . especially at Christmas.

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12 Unforgettable Christmas Chapter Books!

There are few things I enjoy more than cozying up with our kids to read a good book. I love the light in our son’s eyes as the story unfolds—the frenzy of ideas and inspiration he’s struck with whenever he discovers a previously foreign concept. I love the joy on our daughter’s face when she holds a book up to me, her eyes bright and rosy cheeks shining, as she asks sweetly “peez, read to me?” And nothing is quite as incredible as watching her eyes work over the pages as the words reach her ears—her mind expanding before our very eyes. But Christmastime reading is extra special.

Something about a fire, Christmas tree, cup of hot cocoa, wool socks, a fresh blanket of snow outside . . . it’s pure read-aloud magic.

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What we’ll be sipping in December . . .

Rich and Creamy Vegan Hot Cocoa!

Whatever you are doing this week . . . whether Homeschooling, Skill Schooling, or just Holly-Jolly Happy-Holidaying, this vegan hot chocolate will make it even better.

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Frosted Vegan Nutmeg NoG!

Today’s Egg-less Nog has been a pampered project of mine for the past several Christmases.

Even though I LOVE Egg Nog, I’ve always found the whole raw egg thing pretty disgusting . . . even before the terms “vegan” or “plant-based” meant anything to me.

Don’t get me wrong . . . I still drank it for years! I just had to shove the whole icky-factor far out of my mind whenever I slogged some nog. Fast forward to about ten Christmases ago (when my hubby and I were only two months into our “plant-based journey”) and we just decided to go without Egg Nog that holiday season as well as for the following three years. I don’t know why it took me so many years to get it into my noggin to get . . . nogging . . . and make my own Egg-less Nog!

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What we’ll be making in December . . .

Homemade Christmas Candy!

We’ve been looking forward to our Christmas Candy Workshop ever since we polished off all the Trick-or-Treat Spooky Sweets we made at Halloween! Today’s recipes are short, sweet, and super simple . . . very unlike the early days of our confectioner’s journey.

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Classic Christmas Literature Bunting!

Stay tuned for our upcoming tutorial later this month!

What WHO we’ll be celebrating in December . . .

Our Favorite Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions!

It’s almost impossible to escape the onslaught of the “Me-Centered-Christmas”!

May Santa reward you for being GOOD . . .

May you enjoy good food and COMFORT . . .

May YOUR Christmas be magical because YOU DESERVE IT!

May all your Christmas wishes come true . . .

Fa-la-la fluff and nonsense. Let’s instead steep our traditions in the true meaning of Christmas so our children will not mistake WHO is the real center of this and every season.

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What we’ll be listening to in December . . .

During lessons and downtime:

For MOVE-IT breaks and dance parties . . .

For holy nights . . .

May your days be merry and bright!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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