12 Reasons We LOVE Our Raised Birdies Beds🐦

Hello fabulous green thumbs and hopefuls! Thanks for dropping by to take a peek at our homestead today! In this post, we are sharing our favorite features of our Birdies Raised Beds for anyone trying to figure out how to make their beds this spring. At the end of the post, we’re sharing a 5% off code as well as a free shipping code that can be stacked on the same order! Please share the love with fellow green thumbs 😀

My calendar’s cover photo for March depicts flowers, bees, and all things spring . . . but here in the mountains of Montana, Queen Winter still sits on her throne.

our 12 Birdies Beds and the kid’s playset under snow

Yes, the garden remains under snow, five months running. But this past weekend, we decided it was time to spring forward despite what the weather had to say about it. So, we turned our backs to the snickering snowfall outside the basement windows and assembled our new set of four Raised Birdies Beds. That’s right, we actually assembled them in our basement this time (warm and cozy) and then tossed them out the back door as a sort of protest to the sky.

Twelve months have come and gone since we began whittling a garden from the rocky terrain of our mountain clearing.

Spring 2022 was a transformative one for our family and homestead, but I must confess, I’m happy to write about it in the past tense. It was a powerful but exhausting season. Our spring to-do list for 2023, while still hefty, is not so crushing as “START EVERYTHING.” What a joy it will be to fling open the garden gate after the thaw and have beds, trellises, teepees, and drip all there and ready for planting.

Last year, we designed our garden around a basic framework of twelve Raised Birdies Beds, and this year we’ve decided to add a back row to the orchestra. In putting together this fresh set of beds, my hubby and I were reminded all over again why we love these Birdies Beds so much.

DIY people that we are, we were all set to build wooden raised beds last year. In fact, we almost hit the purchase button on our Lowe’s cart with over a thousand dollars’ worth of wood in it at one point. My hubby’s finger hesitated over the return key and on a whim said “hold, on, let me calculate something real quick.” Five minutes later, we had determined that building these wooden beds would save us a total of a few hundred dollars, would require hours and hours of work, and the resulting product (albeit beautiful) would last us maybe five years in Montana winters.

Contrasted with the longevity of galvanized metal beds (a tested 20+ years for Birdies Beds), the decision was easy. A year later and pleased as punch with the fruits of our labor, the decision is truly a no-brainer for us now. Looking back, I am SO glad that we did not build wooden beds. So, here are all our favorite features of “Birdies” for anyone who is trying to decide how to make their beds!

*Please note: this post includes affiliate links for Epic Gardening.

*Please also note: we only ever share products that we genuinely use and love! We give our highest recommendation for Birdies Raised Beds not just to our followers but to our friends and family as well!

12 Reasons Why We LOVE Our Raised Birdies Beds

There’s more than one reason why these are called “The Cadillac of Garden Beds.” In fact, we’ve got twelve!

1.) Australian-made, USA company/distributor!

I realize this isn’t important to everyone, but it matters a lot to us. For one thing, we trust the sustainable sourcing and ethical production of these raised beds. For another, the customer-service is old-school, as in you can actually speak to a human over the phone who speaks your language and get the help you may need. Just today, I called the number on their site, left a message with the owner and received a personal, friendly call back half an hour later. Oh, and she was able to answer all of my questions.

While there may be a *CHEAPER KNOCK-OFF BRAND* of Raised Birdies Beds, that purchase does not come with the support and backing of an established company and network like Epic Gardening. As an affiliate, I can vouch for the quality of the people at Epic Gardening and I know that if the beds arrive damaged or if there are any issues, I will receive prompt service and compensation. For our purposes, we willingly pay the difference for the real deal.

2.) Fully Customizable! Pick your shape, pick your color!

Raised Birdies Beds come in several lovely shades: mist green, beige, slate gray, ironstone, and cottage green. All the colors are lovely and subtle enough to highlight the star of the show; what you’re growing in them! They are also available in many shapes that you can assemble a variety of ways.

We currently have 16 of the 8-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Beds (the tall set) all in mist green which is not seafoam as it looks in some of the pictures but more of a soft sage.

3.) So easy to assemble, even the kids can help!

It is an important cornerstone of our homestead that our gardening projects be whole-family affairs! Getting outside and creating something incredible with our children is about the most blessed activity under the sun as far as we see it. Homesteading for our children is inferior to homesteading with our children. And assembling Birdies beds together is a great place to start, even with a child as young as four! Not kidding. Our little Goldilocks was proud to be able to remove the plastic protection seals and help twist in rows of screws.

While assembly is not super quick (there are a lot of screws to ensure durability) it is not difficult work. The more hands the merrier, and little fingers may even be more helpful than big ones! With the four of us, two adults and two kids under eight, it takes us an unhurried hour to assemble a large 8-in-1 bed. When Papa and the Captain assemble a bed just the two of them, it takes about an hour and a half per large bed.

Stay tuned for our tips and tutorial coming soon on assembling these raised beds with little ones! 😀

4.) Built to last! Also known as QUALITY.

I really cannot fault the quality of the materials used for these beds. Everything is tested to withstand the test of time for twenty+ years. The metal surface is smooth and lovely, everything is rust proof, and the finished product is quite sturdy.

5.) A break for your back!

I had spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis when I was a kid, so bending over a low-to-the-ground garden bed is not sustainable for me. Similarly, my husband’s medical career requires that he be bent over much of the day and standing erect during his off-hours is important for his health as well. We both LOVE working over the Raised Birdies Beds. We purchased the tallest option and the two of us (at six-foot and five foot seven) can work with bent elbows and straight backs beside thigh-high beds. What a luxury for a gardener!

6.) Weatherproof.

We hail from Montana and it hails back . . . a LOT. It also rains, snows, and sleets for seven months a year. Our Birdies have currently been under feet of snow for five months now and don’t seem to mind in the slightest.

7.) Can be hosed clean.

This is one of those simple pleasures in life. The texture of the paint on the beds is so smooth making the beds really easy to hose off or wipe clean. This is no small matter in a real-life garden.

8.) Perfect for trellising and cold frames!

It’s hard to explain how satisfying this trellis project is. Once assembled and filled, Birdies beds provide the perfect framework for a trellis tunnel between. These are a little over six feet tall for easy navigation and delightful harvesting. Simply wedge pre-cut heavy-weight wire between the beds in arches as pictured above and stake at the base. It’s my favorite kind of project . . . low effort and big impact!

Next, we plan to build frames/hoop houses with netting for summer and plastic for winter that can be popped on top and staked into the beds.

9.) Critter resistant.

Scaling a Raised Birdies Bed is no small feat for little critters. The smooth surface and waving pattern of the metal siding makes climbing virtually impossible. The only way we’ve found for our little munching nemesis to get into our beds is trapezing up our beloved trellises once the vines grow in thick. We learned last year to keep vines traveling up and not down!

10.) Ultimate control.

For those of you without control issues, disregard. If you’re like me, however, and like all your little ducks in rows and quacking too, then I can tell you: extra-tall beds provide ultimate growing control. Our horrible mixture of rock and clay up here in the mountains makes growing above ground imperative. These beds are so deep, we can grow anything in them, even trees! I was able to pamper my type-A, detail-oriented personality in filling these beds with seven carefully chosen ingredients all from a comfortable standing position. Stay tuned for a post detailing our seven ingredients soon!

11.) Non-toxic and food safe!

When going to all the work of growing superior, organic food, chemical leaching is the last thing any of us want. These raised beds are made with all non-toxic and food safe materials and paint. This is hard to achieve when weather-proofing wooden beds. Similarly, cinderblocks leach chemicals over time as well. We weren’t able to find a cleaner, greener option for raised beds than Birdies.

12.) A Fabulous Finish.

Last but not least on our list of why we love Raised Birdies Beds: the end result is simply stunning. Every trip out to the garden just makes me smile. I’m so happy with the space we are creating together, and our Birdies provide the framework!

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Is there anything we DON’T LIKE about Birdies Raised Beds?

YES, there is . . . or was. The raised beds come with a black vinyl safety edging to fit over the top rims once assembled. At the time of our purchase last spring, the trim sent wasn’t the best and has the tendency to peel up over time. I’m happy to report, however, that the trim has been upgraded and this hopefully will not be an issue moving forward.

HAPPY GARDENING! Whatever beds you decide to build or buy, I pray that God will bless your garden this year, my friend!

Love, Candace Arden

~Our Holistic Homeschool~

5 Replies to “12 Reasons We LOVE Our Raised Birdies Beds🐦”

  1. What a wonderful and comprehensive review of the Birdies Raised Beds! Thank you for sharing all the reasons why you love these beds and the tips for assembling with kids. I’m curious, have you tried any other types of raised beds before settling on Birdies? If so, how do they compare?

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading and chiming in! In the past we have built wooden raised beds that made it three years. Somehow, I forgot that and we almost built more last year! We’ve also used wine barrels quite a bit just because I love the way they look but they also break down in our weather after a few years. And we currently have about sixteen galvanized feeding troughs that we turned into raised beds by removing portions of the bottoms and those are faring well so far. We have the HW brand as well as Behlen Country which are nearly identical. But they are smaller than large raised beds so they don’t have as much gardening potential. They are also much lower for working over so we are growing all of our berries and grapes in them which are more hands off most of the time. You can take a peek at what they look like in our post titled 🌱Everything we did on ~Our Holistic Homestead~ for our first Spring!🌸 Mostly, we based our decision on a LOT of research of which my hubby makes a hobby. Hope that is helpful to you in your gardening endeavors! 🙂

  2. Loved this, although my area in California is not at all likely to grow such things, I enjoyed reading this wealth of information written with such creativity. I often don’t have time to comment but I enjoy following your homestead and homeschool adventures for the past two years. I’ve had more time to read since I have to sit or lay around anyways nursing my 9 month old.
    My eyes 👀 got HUGE when you said you and your hubby were 6ft and 6 foot 7. Wow! Lol, I love it. I have a tall father and as the 3rd eldest & shortest (5ft) of 7, only my younger sister got the height. Those must be some amazing Birdies Raised Beds!
    Sounds like quite an adventure up there in the mountains of Montana, sounds beautiful! Though I am not too fond of nature, mostly because of the bugs and your prior journal entry about the war with the wasp. That had me laughing and scared all at the same time. 😂😱
    But, I think my now little family of 7 would enjoy the God given FREEDOM. A momma can dream! God bless you and your family, till next time!

    1. Thank you for following, and CONGRATULATIONS Mama of five!!! What a blessing. It is gorgeous up here but the winters are admittedly too long and boy do we have BUGS lol!! Thanks for following and commenting! Enjoy your new baby and big babies too!

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