✨January Newsletter📚 wishing you a restorative and readerly 2023!

Happy New Year, friends! Thanks so much for stopping by. We have some exciting content to share with you today, plus a sneak peek at everything restorative and readerly coming your way this month! I’m truly honored that you are here with us. Our prayer is that our home may be a source of inspiration to you and your family in the year ahead.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to put both feet forward and step into a fresh 2023. I’ve spent time with my journal this week, reflecting on all the events and hurdles of 2022, and setting my intentions for the year ahead. When I asked myself the question “what do you want to move closer to?” the answer was both immediate and clear.

The two words I’ve set my sights on are: balance and savor.

My default personality tends toward a sort of all or nothing dichotomy. I know far too well what it’s like to be on the relentless teeter totter of life. But over the years, I’ve found that nothing exhausts and drains me more than extremes. . . especially in motherhood. Feeling frantic or rushed wreaks havoc on my health and happiness. Fast and furious just isn’t for me. I crave a steady paced life, pocketed with peaceful respites. This desire has led me over the years toward a more contented course in life and parenting. Not that I’ve “arrived” or anything. Often, I miss the mark and fall back into my default setting of overwhelm. But I’m learning with every merciful sunrise to welcome the invitation to slow down, be present, and dare to enjoy.

I don’t want to be Supermom,

Soccer Mom,

Multi-Tasking Mom.

I don’t want to be a tired mom

stressed out,

checked out,

burned out.

I desire to be a balanced, rested, joyful mom;

a mom who’s more for choosing less.

One that sits, smiles, and savors—

who loves,



and lets stuff slip sometimes.

A present, prayerful, patient mom

who carves out space and time—

for books,



A mom who whispers,



One who cultivates a



faith-filled life

to be shared and savored

with family and friends.

~a gentler January~

Who’s with me? Ready to balance and savor, one day at a time? We’re all in this together, my friends!

First, let’s finish with GRATITUDE!

Before we say a final farewell to the Christmas season, let’s kick it old-school and help our kids cultivate gratitude.

Homeschool RESTART Series:

Homeschooling got derailed by the holidays? Let’s get back on track, together . . . gently.

Kids’ Calendar of Verses

I don’t know about you, but I need a daily reminder that God is king. That God will rescue. That God will overcome. If we need these reminders, our kids may be desperate for them, or worse . . . they may be lost without them. Let us cling to the word of God with our children and raise them up to hide His word in their hearts so that they will not depart from Him when they are grown.

Get the printable here: updated Kids’ Calendar of Verses for 2023!

~a Readerly 2023~

We’ve got a lot “on the books” this January. Thanks for being here with us! Below is a quick sneak-peak at what’s heading your way this month! Be sure to subscribe below so you never miss a post or resource. 😀

The #1 Reason Why We Homeschool

Yep, there’s one stand-out reason why we’re still sticking with homeschool, and it may not be what you expect. Tune in next week for the reveal!

Everything We Read Aloud in 2022

Stay tuned for the full list of chapter books we read aloud this year and what we thought of them, including one title we won’t be reading again! As a bonus, we’ll also be including our kids’ lists of favorite audiobooks from this past year.

How our son read 48 chapter books in 2022 without being told to!

We couldn’t believe it when we looked back over our son’s independent reading this year and counted up the titles! This was not planned. No goals were set, nor incentives given. Yet looking back, we’ve been able to identify several happy habits we believe are responsible for our son’s beautiful reading burst this past year. We can’t wait to share this post with you!

New Year’s Readolutions for 2023

Here’s a whole lot of honesty. I’m laying out everything from my personal reading list this past year (what I read, what I loved, what I nearly gave up on, and what I simply couldn’t bring myself to finish). Plus, I’ll share everything I have “on the books” for 2023!

and last but not least (especially poundage-wise) . . .

Our First Year with YETI!

That’s right, our mountain giant just turned one! What a BIG puppy year it has been 😆 ! Gaining over a hundred pounds and becoming a homestead guardian in one year’s time is no easy task. That is, unless you happen to be a Great Pyrenees.

Stay tuned for all the details on Yeti’s first year of life . . . the good, the bad, and the messy.

Thanks for reading, friends! And Happy New Year!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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