🌟Country Christmas Book Bunting!🎄

Christmas has arrived at our own little house in the big woods, and I’m not sure who’s more excited . . . the kids, my hubby, or me!

This is our first Christmas on our little homestead. After more than a decade of Christmases celebrated in apartments and rental houses, it just seems too good to be true that we’re finally home for the holidays!

To celebrate the fact that we’ll be home for Christmas, I have a little something to share with all of you today! This festive treat combines a few of my favorite things —Christmas, crafting, and BOOKS! Just a little something called Book Bunting 🙂

It’s hard to explain how happy these banners of beloved illustrations make me. You can’t get something like this from Hobby Lobby, my friends! For something this personal, you’ve got to go DIY.

6 Reasons We LOVE Book Bunting!

1.) Communicates to our children that books are beautiful and celebratory

2.) Surrounds our children with text / supports a “print-rich” environment

3.) Creates a festive room theme for very little effort

4.) Creates a big bang for its buck (only costs about $10-$20 to make)

5.) Entices our kids to keep reading a current novel as they see upcoming illustrations

6.) Oh, and it’s simply charming! 😀

~Book Bunting Instructions~

1.) Get your supplies

You will need:

  • a used book to cut up for bunting (I love the used books option on Amazon, or Thriftbooks)
  • optional scrapbook paper to back your bunting
  • scissors or an Exacto knife and straight-edge (we use a metal ruler)
  • twine
  • a hole punch (preferably a mini-punch like 1/8th inch so the bunting is tight on the twine)
  • nails, hammer, and measuring tape

My recommendations:

  • My favorite twine is striped baker’s twine . . . it’s just so cute! And this brand is made in the USA (hurray!)

USA-made striped Baker’s Twine

  • A mini hole-punch (1/8th inch) makes for a neater hole for the twine which looks a little more sophisticated and keeps bunting from slipping.

2.) Print, Rip, Trace, Cut, and Punch!

This was our Back-to-Homeschool Book Bunting a few years ago
  • Print my free stencil: just print one of my ready-to-go bunting templates onto cardstock, cut it out, and punch the holes! Bunting Stencil Templates
  • Tear the pages carefully out of your book
  • Trace the bunting outline and hole punches in pencil
  • Trace out optional backing (just print the same template slightly enlarged)
  • Use scissors or an Exacto knife and straight-edge to cut the bunting out
  • Use a one-hole punch to punch out the twine holes

3.) Hang your beautiful Christmas bunting!

  • string your bunting (in order of occurrence is my favorite for book bunting)
  • measure and mark out where you want each loop to hang
  • hammer time!
  • secure each loop with an easy-peasy slip knot which allows for easy adjusting after you hang the entire strand
  • keep the nails up and switch out your book bunting throughout the year as often as you want!

from our home to yours . . .

May your days be merry and bright!

I hope you DIY with us and create some book bunting magic for your own Merry Little Christmas! If you do, we’d LOVE to see which book you choose, so please share a picture when you hang your bunting!

Thanks for reading,

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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