Finally, a 🛍️Black Friday Sale for GREEN THUMBS!👩‍🌾

Ignore. Avoid. Boycott.

These are the verbs that most accurately describe my relationship history with Black Friday. The fact that I now find myself writing a blog post with the very words “black” and “Friday” successively in the title is borderline absurd. I have never been shopping on Black Friday, and if I ever do participate in the mall brawl, I will eat my capotain (or sugarloaf if you prefer).

Over the years, I have made a habit of giving the *bird* to the annual foray-after-turkey-day.

That’s my hubby by the way, not me! 😆

There are a few reasons for the chilly temperature of my shoulder in regard to Black Friday.

First, I pretty much hate shopping. And that’s under normal circumstances. Add to the standard nuisances of modern-day retail huge crowds and nauseating consumer-driven holiday gimmicks and . . . yeah, I think I’ll stay home and eat pie. Ooooh pie!

Second, I love Thanksgiving. It is hands down my favorite holiday. (In fact, I wrote a whole post about why I love it so much here: 🍲Thanksgiving Special🦃 The 6th Love Language, Lost and Found!) I love cooking the Thanksgiving Day Feast almost as much as I love eating it. And I eat a lot of it. This makes for a very slow Friday.

I keep with the American tradition of getting so tripped out on tryptophan that the whole idea of rising at the cockcrow post-feast Friday morning to do much of anything is out of the question. . . let alone going shopping with all of Tinsel Town!

And third, most Black Friday deals simply deal me out. I’m not much of a fashionista and I’m certainly no gadget-girl. So, most of these sales just don’t appeal to me. I have, however, occasionally indulged in the silver glow of Cyber Monday. Shopping from the comfort of my couch tea-side is something I can actually get behind, especially if books are involved. But even then, I usually require some moral support. Confessions of a shop-a-phobic.

As a new homesteader, one of my favorite winter pastimes is quickly becoming sitting fireside and dreaming green. My hubby and I spend tens of minutes in our evenings talking about next year’s garden —where to put the greenhouse, how to orient the pole-barn, where to possibly squeeze in a few more fruit trees.

So, when I got a notice last week about an ONLINE BLACK FRIDAY SALE EXCLUSIVELY FOR GARDENERS, well, that got my attention nearly as much as my vision for this year’s rustic sourdough stuffing.

Herb your enthusiasm. I shall pro-seed.

If you have been following this blog for a while now, then you’ve seen our homestead garden and what a huge part our Raised Birdies Beds have played in it!

These raised beds truly set us up for success in our homestead garden this year . . . the visual impact was just a pretty perk! As you can see below, these Raised Birdies Beds are really the foundation of our garden layout. We couldn’t be happier with them thus far.

*For more details about our experience growing with these raised beds, check out our previous post: 🌾Five Gardening Decisions🌻 that made ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

*This post includes affiliate links. Please note, I only ever promote products that I use and truly love.

With how much we love these raised beds, I just had to pass on this awesome news! Epic Gardening is hosting their first ever Epic Black Friday Sale this week and it’s pretty unbeetable!

ONLY Sunday November 20th through Monday November 28th . . . get $100 gift card when you spend $500!

That’s it! 🙂

No traffic . . .

no crowds . . .

no lines . . .

no junk . . .

Sip, click, and DREAM GREEN, my friends!

Thanks for reading! As always, you make our day!

The Merriest of Thanksgivings to you and yours!

Love, ~OurHolisticHomeschool~

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