🌱Early-Bird, SPRING SKILL SCHOOL Special🐝

Dear friends, I need an intervention . . . and fast. Here in the Great North it is still fully winter, yet I’m jonesin’ hard for spring!

I’ve been so strung-out thinking green that I full-on convinced myself a week ago that spring had arrived, complete with a frolicking faun and panpipe.

My merry hallucinations (which you can read more of here) were followed by yet another week of wild winter weather —blizzard-level wind and snow in the amount of six inches up here in the frigid foothills. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and all, but my thumbs aren’t white my peeps, they’re GREEN, and I need me some seedlings . . . bad.

Poor Rosemary

And speaking of bad . . . do you know what happens when a Germination Junkie can’t get her hands on some dirt?? Bad things, that’s what. Like heading prematurely to the garden dealer and clearing off the shelves of seed trays and starter mix, bringing home clearly twice the amount needed (guilty). Bad things, like being seduced online by colorful heirlooms —pink elephants that they are— and splurging on a giant 343 dollar box of “rare” seeds (also guilty)! I even suckered my dad into turning a prized skylight into a seedling greenhouse for me just so I can get my fix a few weeks sooner. He delivered it this morning, enabler that he is.

Proof of my Problem

I’m not proud of it guys, just trying to hedge my concerns, aer(ate) my failings, and hopefully weed my need for seed.

But in case your planting zone is a warmer tone on the rainbow than mine and you’re ready to follow that White Rabbit into the purple haze of lavender and wild sage, here’s a little Spring Skill School Special to tackle with your little sprouts! Just please don’t read them this [dope] intro 😆 ! Blame it on my California roots —Ventura Highway, in the sunshine! “Seasons crying no despair” indeed.


Little Green Thumbs’ SKILL SCHOOL (Spring Edition)

~Step-by-step gardening activities for little (or big!) sprouts~

It’s never too early (or late) to begin sowing the sacred seeds of sustainability in a child’s heart.

Gardening with a child is nothing short of transformative —for the child, for the parent, for the planet! Don’t let your child grow up without witnessing the miracles that will take place right before her eyes in a garden. And don’t miss out yourself on witnessing those same miracles reflected back in his wonder-filled eyes.

Three Early-Bird, Spring Skill School Posts:

  • HUNGRY DIRT; easy, instant compost & fertilizer activities for kids!

SUPPLY LIST (per child, or rotating):

*If you don’t have an item on this list, it’s ok! You can still garden with us this spring! Sometimes you will be able to make do without the item, and sometimes you may need to simply skip an activity and move on to the next.

  • child-sized gardening tools: pointed spade, flat-nosed spade, rake
  • full-sized shovels, rake, and hoe only for older children (perhaps ten)
  • child-sized gardening gloves (if the child doesn’t care for getting hands dirty)
  • safety goggles (depending on age and coordination of the child)
  • bucket
  • wooden mallet
  • child-sized tongs, or ice-tongs

Need a BOOK to go with Spring Skill School?

Growing Little Green Thumbs pairs perfectly with these books: LET IT GROW! ~Earth Day Read-Alouds~

Want a PLAYLIST to help set the gardening mood?

Get in the spirit of spring with our Earth Day playlist!

Want a MOVIE NIGHT to cap off the planting season?

Photo by Mo Abrahim on Pexels.com

The only thing better than family movie night is a themed family movie night to commemorate the events of the season.

These movies pair perfectly with planting seeds and pulling weeds:

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax [DVD]
Wall-E (Single-Disc Edition)

Or, if your kids are a little older (perhaps six and up) I highly recommend this documentary if you haven’t already seen it! Our family just loves it. It is such a beautiful portrayal of organic, self-sustained farming. We found it truly inspiring. Please be aware: there are some animal deaths and frightening sequences, so please review it first!

Hurray for growing Little Green Thumbs!

Thanks for reading, friends! And thank you for putting in the effort to spring into Skill School with your kid(s)! You’re changing the planet one little sprout at a time 🙂 !

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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