🌷 March Newsletter: Spruce Up for Spring! 🌼

Outside my window, the mountains are melting. The ground is a mud and snow slurry that conjures up visions of soft-serve chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cones from summers gone by —when summers were simple (even in California). Of course, I doubt this swirl would be so tasty.


Last week was the coldest week of our winter so far, with temps and wind chill as bone-biting as thirty below. But when I got up this morning, everything seemed different —as if the mountains had woken with a start, checked the calendar and announced, “it’s the first of March! Time for a spring-clean!” I sat up in bed and looked out at our clearing and forest border, wondering what was so different. There was still a layer of snow, but everything was . . . translucent. Each of Yeti’s paw prints in the snow had dissolve-doubled in size, mud seeping through the bottom of each pad mark, as if a giant bear had plodded across our lawn in the night. Then again, maybe one did.

We were still finishing our breakfast when the thuds began.

Giant drifts —more flow than snow— rushing down our metal roof, hitting the porches and decks like giant water balloons filled with slushy.

It snowed all day long, yet a flake never touched the ground. Even though I knew it was just an illusion, that these “disappearing” snowflakes were merely turning to rain drops invisible against a watery canvas, I couldn’t help marveling at the stunning trapeze.

Another marvel, and not quite so stunning, is our long winding driveway which is beginning to look more fit for a canoe than a car. And just in case I’ve merely been seeing things, I validated my findings with Google 😆 . Two days ago, my weather app read “winter storm advisory.” Today: “avalanche and flood warning.”

I’d be lying if I told you I’m not positively giddy. No, not about the flood warning. My friends, I believe spring thaw is officially here, and I’m ready to throw her a giant welcome home party.

Spring means slushing off all that’s been accumulating in the winter —mud, and clutter, and pounds— throwing off heavy coats and clumpy boots and stepping into a lighter, fresher swing of things. It’s simply exhilarating. The roof knows it, and so do we.

I’d also be lying if I told you I’m not just a little bit intimidated. We have a LOT on the spring to-do list up here at our new homestead. I can’t divulge all the details of what we have planned just yet . . . so let’s just say there is another avalanche warning up here. An impending avalanche of heavy lifting . . . thousands of pounds worth. We considered waiting until next spring to launch into these weighty projects, but it was no use. There is no repellant strong enough to dissuade the homesteading bug, especially at the start of spring.

In addition, there are a few other really exciting posts coming up this month on our blog that we hope will help to spruce up your spring! Take a look at what’s on the books for March!

~March into Motion~

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Spring Spruce your Child’s Writing Routine!

If your child hasn’t fallen in love with writing yet, keep an eye out for this post that has been a long time coming: The 6 W’s to Help Your Child Fall in Love with Writing! I’m so excited to share this one with you all!

Our 2-Year Blogaversary Special!

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Plus, some BIG news!

Stay tuned for a big, exciting announcement at the end of the month! I can hardly wait to share this news with you! (And, no!!! It’s not another baby! Sheesh, you guys! 😆 )

HAPPY SPRING! Thanks for reading!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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  1. You captured the weather metamorphosis beautifully, the snow falls silently but it breaks up loudly! I think spring is still sitting on the fence up here in “the north”, but she is on the way. She’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes! Winter was beautiful, loving the seasons.

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