55 Reasons You’re a Better 🦸‍♂️Homeschool Parent🦸‍♀️ Than You Think You Are!

No-duh newsflash: homeschooling isn’t a walk in the park! But here’s another newsflash for you: neither is “regular” schooling. Parenting and teaching are both in and of themselves each a relentless job. Put them together and wowza! It’s no small commitment.

We homeschool parents are almost always on duty, and with that comes its share of, well . . . doody.

If you’re anything like me, you probably beat yourself up more than you should when the events of the day don’t meet your (admittedly high) expectations or when things go any direction other than “according to the plan.” Unfortunately, our “failings” in a homeschool day are often easy to spot, while our triumphs tend to escape our notice. We are indeed our own worst critics.

And sometimes, especially when we are tired or overwhelmed, we deceive ourselves into believing that the education we are offering our children is somehow “less than” or “inferior” to what we could so easily subcontract out.

But as someone who has taught both in the public school system and now in our little homeschool, I just have to give you my two cents, dear mamas and papas: if you’re thinking YOU may not be what’s best for YOUR kids, I’d put a lot more than my measly two cents on it that you’re short-changing yourself.


Did you lose your temper this week? Yup. Me too. But guess what? “Regular” teachers lose their tempers, too. In fact, I’ve worked with teachers who never seem to . . . um . . . find their tempers, if you know what I mean.

Did you fall behind in your lesson plans this week? Yup. Me too. But let’s not be duped into thinking we are alone here. That whole “no child left behind” deal often means a big, swift kick to everybody’s . . . behind. Let’s just suffice it to say: if you think teachers don’t fall back in their lesson plans, well . . . I assure you they do.

Were your kids seriously nuts this week? Uh-huh. So were my little angels. Too bad things never get out of control in the classroom setting, right? (Cue paper airplanes and fidget spinners.)

Did your child struggle to grasp a lesson this week? Yeah, about that . . . I personally blame the family of fledgling robin redbreasts that have inhabited our backyard. Curse you, adorable sabotage! But hey, at least we KNOW that our kids struggled this week, right? You know, before that big, fat, red “F” gets stamped on their papers?

In short, I would just bet that you (yes, you!) are doing a way better job at this homeschooling gig than you think you are.

To that end, I have written out a few notes of good-on-you (fifty-five of them to be exact 😛 ) in case your homeschooling/parenting journey, like mine, could use a little lift this week! This list was inspired by some of the dear homeschool mamas I personally know, love, and learn so much from! I hope you enjoy and find a little encouragement for your upcoming week. And if you do, please share the love and pass along to another homeschool parent!

55 Reasons You’re a Better Homeschool Parent Than You Think You Are!

*Please note: the items below are NOT a checklist! Yikes. Please, pretty please: don’t mark anything on this list in red pen! If five of the statements below describe you as a home educator, than that’s five reasons to smile and celebrate your homeschooling efforts this week 😀 ! And if five more statements inspire your efforts for next week, well then, that’s just extra credit.

1.) You asked God today to please give you wisdom, strength, patience, and/or joy in your homeschooling journey.

2.) You read aloud to your child today (or made yourself scarce when you caught him voluntarily reading).

3.) You took a moment with your child this week to witness a miracle of nature.

4.) You canceled plans this week when you realized your child needed some downtime.

5.) Your child has a chore chart and you hold him to it.

6.) You administered a “spoonful of sugar” this week when the *medicine* just didn’t want to go down.

7.) You asked for advice this week from a homeschool parent you respect.

8.) You made something with your child this week.

9.) You listened to a piece of classical music with your kid(s) this week.

*Check out our family’s favorite playlists on our Spotify account under ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

10.) You regularly monitor your child’s screen time.

11.) You took your kid(s) to a library, park, zoo, museum, or historical site this week.

12.) You bought or borrowed a few new books for your child this week.

13.) You put off lessons a few extra minutes today to listen to your son’s wild dream or made-up story.

14.) You took an opportunity this week to discuss a historical event or political concept/issue with your child.

15.) You practiced a new skill with your child this week.

16.) You enjoyed an audiobook or audio-drama with your kid(s) this week.

17.) You took your child to homeschool group, Sunday School, Boys and Girls Club, Youth Group, or AWANA this week.

18.) You have your child enrolled in karate, dance, soccer, swim, or other athletic activity.

19.) You took a nap, took a bath, or read a book to recharge this week.

20.) You revised lesson plans this week to give your child more time for yet another new interest/passion.

21.) You watched a documentary with your kid(s) this week.

22.) You called for recess this week when your child’s *seat* suddenly became too bouncy.

23.) You snuggled with your kid(dos) this week.

24.) You turned your cell phone on silent during lessons today.

25.) You let your child wear her pajamas or pirate costume during lessons one day this week.

*Get our free, printable Pajama Day Voucher here!

26.) You delivered a meal or helped a neighbor with your kid(s) this week.

27.) You made a conscious effort this week to help your child(ren) cultivate gratitude. Here’s our FREE printable gratitude cards if you missed them!

28.) You deem a bushy-tailed squirrel, dump-truck, or family of robin redbreasts as more than worthy of jumping up from a lesson to observe.

29.) You made time for your child to talk with grandma, grandpa, a neighbor, or another adult this week.

*for more information about the benefits of socializing outside of a child’s age group, check out our previous post: SOCIALIZING JUST GOT WEIRD. New complications for the original Homeschool Curse.

30.) You held your child to completion on a task/project she wanted to quit on this week.

*A phrase we have recently adopted in our home: “In our family, we finish what we start.”

31.) You made time for art or music this week.

32.) You made amends after you blew your top this week. We’re all in this together.

33.) You went on a hike or nature walk with your kid(s) this week.

34.) You reminded your child this week that effort matters more than achievement.

35.) You said “no” to your child today.

It may not be popular in our modern-day “positive parenting” obsessed culture, but I’m just gonna say it unapologetically: in my experience, kids benefit from and generally feel safer when told an appropriately directed “no” from time to time.

36.) You said “yes” to your child today.

On the flip-side, we don’t want “no” to be our default setting. We tend to slough our kids off with too many absent-minded “no’s” or “sure, whatevers.” Listening to our kids, one request at a time, and genuinely considering each before giving our answer I believe to be key. “Let your yes be yes, your no be no,” and stick to your answer guilt-free 😛 .

37.) You played a game or did a puzzle with your child this week.

38.) You kept the news turned off this week (maybe even for good).

39.) You had your child correct mistakes on his homework, paper, or test instead of grading it today.

40.) You had your child write a card, letter, or thank you note this week.

*Download our free templates here: Printable FILL-IN-THE-BLANK, COLOR-ME THANK YOU NOTES! Easy for parents, fun for kids! (pdf included)

41.) You told your child a story from your youth/childhood or showed her your scrapbook this week.

42.) You celebrated your child when she finally “got it” this week.

43.) You let your child do an assignment his own way this week.

44.) You winked at your child or whispered to her today.

45.) You told your child “no worries” or to “forget it” this week.

46.) You looked something up on a map/globe, or in a dictionary/encyclopedia with your child this week.

47.) You took a lesson outside this week when the weather was too lovely not to.

48.) You changed, skipped, repeated, or replaced a lesson this week when you saw a need to.

*for inspiration on how to customize lessons, refer to our previous post: A Sample 🪁SOFT-SCHOOLED DAY🚲 with “The Secret Three” . . . and bugs!

49.) You told your child thank you or took the time to notice something lovely your child did today.

50.) You gave your child plenty of time to play or chill today.

51.) You ate a meal with your kids today.

52.) You used something 3D to teach a math lesson this week.

53.) You shared the “Homeschool Highlights” aloud when papa or mama came home from work.

54.) You complimented or encouraged another homeschool mama/papa this week.

55.) You feel day to day that you are learning and growing as much as your kids are in your homeschool journey together.

Homeschool on! Homeschool strong! Thank you for all you do!

Thanks for reading!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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