🦇Creepy Classical Music Appreciation Special🎻 (printable PDF + playlists!)

*feature photo from: Huge Harold by Bill Peet

Thanks for dropping by! We’ve got a super fun and easy HOMESCHOOL FREEBIE activity for you today; a spooky music appreciation printable with corresponding playlist, all ready to go! In other words, all the work is already done for you, leaving enough time for those pumpkins that are still waiting oh-so-patiently to be carved! 😜

Music Appreciation is one of my favorite Homeschool subjects! It’s just so lovely to listen to classical music with our children, training our ears and minds to be transformed and inspired by it. I’m always amazed at how much power classical music has over our children’s moods, activities . . . even their energy levels! We listen to classical music in our Homeschool almost every day, mostly because it wields such an inexplicable spell of calm and focus over our home. But, unfortunately, the music often stops there. Discussion or stem activities tend to fall through the cracks with the hustle and bustle of more “academic” subjects. Of course, music is math . . . but that discussion is for another day!

In order to make room for Music Appreciation in our lesson plans, I’ve started implementing more intentional Music Appreciation units seasonally, particularly during holiday weeks. In addition to enriching our Homeschool curricula, holiday Music Appreciation units offer such a fun break from our “normal” academic activities (as well as from daily piano and violin practice 😆 ), plus it’s just a great way to get in the holiday spirit! So far, this Halloween special may be my favorite. There is an astounding amount of creepy classical music out there, and it is so fun to listen to it amid jack-o-lanterns and all things spooky! I hope you and your kiddos enjoy it as much as we have been!

Pair this printable and playlist with a cup of hot apple cider (try our recipe here) for a truly irresistible Homeschool activity!

AGE RECOMMENDATION: 6 and up (but little siblings may enjoy listening along and trying to identify instruments)


1.) Access our Spotify playlist (link below)

2.) Print out the fill-in worksheet (free pdf file link below)

3.) Choose a song or three and . . . YOU’RE OFF!

HOW TO GRADE: I recommend just listening to the score together and skipping the . . . um . . . score! This assignment should be fun, open to interpretation, and stress-free. In other words, I recommend only grading (if you must) for participation. Right/wrong answers only apply to the beginning section of the worksheet (song title, composer, from, and instruments heard). For these I recommend “correcting” work rather than “grading” work. For “instruments heard,” discuss choices afterward and perhaps listen to the piece a second time trying to isolate each instrument together. This takes time, even for adults! Each time your child does this exercise, he or she will improve. And Edvard Grieg will never know that you missed an instrument or two! 😆

Creepy Classical Music Appreciation Playlist

Creepy Classical Music Appreciation Worksheet

Need a Halloween PARTY PLAYLIST? Check out what we’re rocking out to this week!





If you enjoy this printable and playlists, please leave us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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