Skill School Week One: GARDENING! 🍅growing little green thumbs🥕

Is there any venue quite as versatile as a garden? It’s a place for hard work; indeed the most ancient form of work, besides hunting and gathering. It’s a place for rest, conversation, and contemplation. It’s a place for celebrations; backyard birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, weddings, baby showers. It’s a place for simple pleasures; tea parties, picnics, bird-watching, afternoon naps. And it just so happens that a garden is the perfect classroom as well.

It’s a perfect place to read and write . . .

a perfect place to explore, study, and experiment . . .

a sensorial feast; so many new things to see, to hear, to smell, to touch, to taste . . .

a perfect place to wander and wonder . . .

a perfect place to witness the miracles of nature . . .

a perfect place for imaginative play . . .

a perfect place to get your hands dirty developing the skills of sustaining life.

For a garden is just that.

From planting seeds, to pulling weeds, to watering, to harvesting, to the dormant drifts of winter —a garden is life itself.

A perfect place to live . . .

a perfect place to learn . . .

a perfect place to grow.


Yes, YOU! Join us for:

Skill School Week 1: GARDENING

It may be too late in the season to plant seeds of a literal variety. But it is not too late for the continued work of the garden. And it’s never too late to gain the skills of cultivating life, or to sow the sacred seeds of sustainability in a child’s heart. Gardening with a child is nothing short of transformative —for the child, for the parent, for the planet! Don’t let your child grow up without witnessing the miracles that take place right before their eyes in a garden. And don’t miss out yourself on witnessing those same miracles reflected back in their wonder-filled eyes.

ITINERARY plus links:

SUPPLY LIST (per child, or rotating):

*If you don’t have an item on this list, it’s ok! You can still join us for gardening week! Sometimes you will be able to make do without the item, and sometimes you may need to simply skip an activity and move on to the next.

  • child-sized gardening tools: pointed spade, flat-nosed spade, rake
  • full-sized shovels, rake, and hoe only for older children (perhaps ten)
  • small watering can
  • child-sized gardening gloves (if the child doesn’t care for getting hands dirty)
  • safety goggles (depending on age and coordination of the child)
  • bucket
  • wooden mallet
  • child-sized tongs, or ice-tongs

Need a BOOK to go with Skill School this week?

Gardening Week pairs perfectly with these books: LET IT GROW! ~Earth Day Read-Alouds~

Want a PLAYLIST to help set the gardening mood?

Get in the spirit of Gardening Week with our Earth Day playlist!

Want a MOVIE NIGHT to cap off Gardening Week?

Photo by Mo Abrahim on

The only thing better than family movie night is a themed family movie night to commemorate the events of the week.

These movies pair perfectly with Gardening Week:

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax [DVD]
Wall-E (Single-Disc Edition)

The first day of Skill School starts Monday, July 12th! Don’t miss it!

Cheers to growing little Green Thumbs!

Thanks for reading. And thank you for taking the time to do Skill School with your kid(s)!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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