🇺🇸4th of July Jams for Kids!🎵 Free to Love their Country! (Spotify Playlist)

Children need to know that theirs is a good world. They need to feel that, sheltered by those they love, they are where they should be. They have a place, in a time and a world of hope and promise.

-Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting

If I may be so bold as to add to the quote above, I think that children not only need to know that theirs is a *good* world (there’s a book unto itself 😆 ), but that ours is a *good* country, as well. Bear with me. I’m not saying it’s all roses and butterflies up in this ole’ US of A. We may not all agree (to put it lightly, ha!); there is certainly anger, bitterness, confusion, resentfulness, hostility, aggression, hatred. There is imperfection, and a lot of it because, of course, there is sin in our *good* world. But turn off that TV or internet news feed, step outside your door, and the fact that there is goodness yet is undeniable.

It was sewn into the fabric of creation from the beginning.

There may be tattered corners, ripped seams, faded patches, and stain spots throughout.

But there are still connecting threads.

We are still woven together, and we are yet beautiful.

Much like our grand old flag.

Because we were designed to be beautiful. Whether we like it or not.

There are still caring people.

There are still noble people.

There are still brave people.

There are still God-fearing people.

There are still unexplained acts of mercy.

And there is still hope for unity among us yet.

In fact, there is much more than hope (for those of us who believe the words of that old book called the Bible) . . . ultimately, there is the PROMISE of it.

So, regardless of our feelings toward the current state of our country or our political views, I believe that our children deserve to celebrate the place they were born, and/or the portion of the globe they hail from. They deserve to have pride and ownership of the soil they will inherit. We owe it to them to cease complaining, stop our fear-mongering, and instead honor their designed destinies for the time and place in history that they have been given.

And who knows what they will do with the permission to, indeed the freedom to love our country. Perhaps that which we love together will become lovelier before our very eyes. Because love is, after all, an action. Because love is transformative.

We need to be and exemplify to our children the hope, the compassion, the forgiveness, the grass-roots . . . the harmony that is lacking in our country.

So let’s sing!

Let’s dance!

Let’s clap our hands!

Let’s announce our love for the people that make up our country!

Even those that we struggle to love.

Even those we struggle to stomach.

For singing, after all, is more powerful than screaming.

And love is still more powerful, more exacting, more transformative than hate.

So, let this banner over us stand for love!

Have a HAPPY, HEALING 4th of July, America!

Thank you for reading!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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  1. Amen! And pass the Apple pie! Freedom isn’t free and needs to be celebrated. It is a gift handed down by people that paid the price for it. So good to teach kids gratitude and stewardship for the USA. This post is inspiring! Love the playlist!

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