Our 🍳6 WEEK SUMMER SKILL SCHOOL🧵 ~little hands at work~

Like all of us, children just want to be needed. It is our job to make sure that they actually are.”

-Ben Hewitt, Home Grown

Whenever I tell my hubby that the kids and I have a certain “Skill School” coming up, his response is always the same:

“Awe! I wanna go! I wanna get skilled!”

The truth is, he IS skilled. In fact, he has more skills than anyone I have ever met. It’s borderline obnoxious sometimes. But I know what he means. He doesn’t mean that he wishes he could stay home from work to gain skills, he means he doesn’t want to miss out . . . on the fun for starters. But there’s something far more worthy than “fun” that my hubby wishes he didn’t have to miss out on so often. And it’s something hard to nail down, because it’s intangible, elusive, perhaps even transcendent in a way. And as such, it is hard to put into mere words, or even capture in a photograph. But I’ll try.

It’s the MAGIC of watching your chubby-fingered toddler learn to peel a carrot.

It’s the SATISFACTION of observing your son shuttle wool through the warp on his lap loom.

It’s the JOY of hearing your children hum happily to themselves as they plunge doll clothes into a cold bucket of suds.

It’s the NOSTALGIA of attending your son as he beats a damp strip of leather with a wooden mallet.

It’s the SIMPLICITY of seeing your children bent over a bowl of cake batter.

Its the WONDER of watching your son plant his first nasturtium seed.

It’s the MIRACLE of witnessing the slow and sacred unfolding of our children —one hand-skill, one experience, one adventure, one marvel at a time.

Like beholding the first squash blossom of summer as it unfurls it’s face to the sun; the start of something big.

I laugh when my hubby says he wishes he could go to Skill School on a Monday. But it’s a somewhat sad, almost guilty chuckle if I’m being honest. Because I know more than anyone what he is missing out on.

Even as I recognize the blessing of his having a job, and even as I acknowledge that his job is the very reason I am able to stay home with the kids and do all that we do —the reason we have a roof, and food, and leathercraft kits for that matter— I am also struck by the realization than mine is the more privileged role. Not to say it is in any way the more noble role. Nor is it always the easier role. Indeed, some days I too fantasize about switching places with my hubby and being the breadwinner for the day (if it weren’t for the fact that he works in the medical field, cause let’s be real . . . that’s not happening). But I believe, and I think he believes also, that although it is often hard, frustrating, and exhausting . . . mine is the more exquisite role; ultimately the more rewarding and divine.

For I’m the one who banks more hours immersed in our offspring’s formative years. I’m the one who gets to see each morning’s bedhead, hear each new idea at breakfast, kiss each boo-boo, clean up each mess (yeah, that one’s not so exquisite), soak in the reading-hour snuggles, and witness each new discovery throughout the day. I’m the privileged one, for I get to be here to witness and experience it all —the good, the bad, the ugly, the extraordinarily beautiful— every moment of every day.

So, when my hubby says he wishes he could skip work and join us for Skill School, he means he hates to miss out on such big portions of our kids’ childhoods. Not in a jealous way —for that’s not his nature— but more in a generous one. Like the way the wild sage and lavender spring back after winter, requiring nearly nothing, yet giving of themselves abundantly and with joy. He willingly, and even gratefully, facilitates me so that I can facilitate ours. So, of course, Papa is more than a little integral to all that we do in our family and homeschool. And he joins us for as many Skill School days as he can, of course. But even still, I know a part of him wishes, in a fantasy sort of way, that he too could be here every day to soak up the beauty of little hands and minds at work; the formation of our children’s future selves.


Yes, YOU! Join us for:


Come along with us this summer on a truly extraordinary journey! We’re taking six weeks to spend some quality time teaching our kids practical-life skills, building independence, inspiring self-confidence, and instilling a deep respect for good, old-fashioned work. Best of all, we’re doing all of the prep and planning for you! Simply tune in each week for everything you need to tackle the six skill-sets listed below one at a time with your kids! It will only require perhaps an hour or so per day (or a few hours once a week) but I assure you it’s effect will be for a lifetime! I know, because my mom Skill-Schooled me!

AGE RANGE: all of the activities in our ~Six Week Summer Skill School~ are easily suited and adaptable for kids of all ages, toddlers to teens (and some adults too 😆 )! There are many a teenager who have yet to learn to sew on a button, cook eggs three ways, or pound out a leather wallet.

TARGET SUMMER GOALS (see full list of descriptions here):

☀️ = get outside as much as possible, embracing a healthy, active lifestyle

❤️ = inspire a true love for learning

🧠 = keep my child engaged and actively learning

🛠️ = teach my child practical-life skills and build their self-confidence

😊 = have fun, de-stress, and bond as a family

Here’s your 6 week sneak peek!


Hey! This week is posted! Check it out here:

Skill School Week One: GARDENING! 🍅growing little green thumbs🥕


Hey! This week is posted! Check it out here:

Skill School Week Two: 🍳COOKING🥕 ~Little Sous Chefs at Work~


Hey! This week is posted! Check it out here:

Skill School, Week Three: 🧹HOUSEKEEPING🧺 “Let me do it myself!”

Week 4: SEWING

Skill School Week Four: 🧶SEWING🧵 from “seamster” to . . . surgeon?


Week 6: TOY *CHOREY*

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Cheers to a present, prosperous, skill-filled summer!

Thanks ever so much for reading!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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  1. Absolutely delightful post! I wanna go to skill school too! How sweet that working can be fun, productive and creative. Very inspiring.

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