#HappyHomeschooling is . . . a cup of 🐛CATERPILLARS🦋 (poop and all)!

Witnessing the miracle of metamorphosis has never been so easy! If you haven’t “grown caterpillars” with your kids yet, you’re in for a real treat with this box of spectacular science delivered LIVE to your doorstep. Our son is truly obsessed with caterpillars (you can read that backstory here if you want 😉 ), so we actually just finished growing our second batch of caterpillars, and it was honestly just as amazing as the first time!

So, in case you have your own little fan of bugs or butterflies at home, I just had to take a minute to share this super cool science kit with you! By the way . . . I never, ever recommend anything that our family doesn’t absolutely love! And we give this one a big two thumbs up!

To order your own cup of caterpillars, click here:

Butterfly Growing Kit

PS. Yes. They poop 💩!

PSS. If you’re wondering how many caterpillars, uh . . . you know, made it:

The kit guarantees 3/5 caterpillars will become butterflies. Our total stats for both times we’ve done this comes to 17/20. In our first set of five caterpillars, four became butterflies. And in our second set of fifteen caterpillars, thirteen flew off to pollinate the world 😆 ! The caterpillar casualties were as follows:

  • One little caterpillar became a chrysalid, but fell and emerged as a deformed, um . . . butter . . . I guess. You know, cause he couldn’t fly.
  • One little caterpillar became a chrysalid, fell, and decomposed in a pile of caterpillar poop. He was really down in the dumps.
  • The last little caterpillar was a very, VERY hungry caterpillar and ate the decomposed chrysalid. Let’s just say this cannibal caterpillar um . . . wasn’t hungry anymore.

So, all together we lost three caterpillars and released seventeen. Several have even been back to visit! Either that, or they’ve told their friends about us 😉 .

Need a book to go with that kit??

Growing butterflies pairs perfectly with this book:

A Butterfly is Patient by Dianna Hutts Aston & Sylvia Long

🦋 Happy Butterfly Growing! 🦋

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Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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  1. Loved this punny post! Hey I have a question for the six year old scientist- why are they called butterflies? Butter doesn’t fly, it melts!

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