🐿️Bringing Home the Magic of Summer Camp!🥾

Welcome to our new Summer Series for 2021! In case you missed our intro post outlining all our free resources and summer itinerary coming up these next few weeks, here it is!

🌻What in the world should I do with my kids this summer?🦋

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Summer Camp at Home
~Your Ultimate DIY Guide~

About this summer style:

Camp was canceled last year . . . and it got me thinking about, reminiscing on, and rallying for all things summer:

Connecting with nature . . .

learning practical life skills . . .

developing strong values and character . . .

gaining once-in-a-life-time, sensory-rich experiences . . .

having good, old-fashioned fun.

So I devoted our summer 2020 to just that: a DIY, Summer Camp at Home (which we jokingly called “Camp Quarantine” 😆 )! Whether your kids will be attending a week of *real* Summer Camp this year or not, you can keep the life-changing magic going all summer long at home! From epic recreational experiences, to vocational arts & crafts, to inspiring nature adventures, to heritage-rich traditions, Summer Camp has ~Holistic Homeschooling~ written all over it! I can’t think of another model that offers our children a wider variety of experiences, learning opportunities, and good old-fashioned fun! We have laid out a comprehensive guide to walk you through all things Summer Camp so you and your kids can lace up those boots and get on with adventuring!

TARGET SUMMER GOALS MET (see our complete goal descriptions here):

☀️ = get outside as much as possible, embracing a healthy, active lifestyle

❤️ = inspire a true love for learning

🧠 = keep my child engaged and actively learning

🛠️ = teach my child practical-life skills and build their self-confidence

😊 = have fun, de-stress, and bond as a family

TIME REQUIRED: *flexible* ; about 3+ hours per day scheduled experiences and activities

Let’s get started!

Our Family’s Camp Scrapbook

my grandfather, the man of many hats

This post shows the impact Summer Camp can have on a family’s culture and multi-generational heritage. In this case, it just happens to be my family . . . beginning with my wild and free grandfather.

14 Reasons Why Summer Camp Matters

Move over Summer School! Summer Camp is seriously so much better . . . on every level.

Camp-Themed Book List

Every season, every occasion, every event is simply better when cemented and celebrated through reading!

Camp-Themed Movie List

Get into the spirit of Summer Camp with these family fun films!

Your Camp Clipboard; Creating an Unforgettable Summer!

Your ultimate cheat-sheet for creating a seriously awesome summer for you and your kids!

Summer Morning Watch Club!

The perfect antidote for both hectic and hazy summer mornings, our Morning Watch Club gives our kids an intention and purpose for the day while allowing us to sip our morning coffee in peace!

Camp-Inspired Summer Schedule! (template included)

Ok, now we’re talking. You know a lot of what you want to do . . . but when to do it all and how to nail things down? Yeah, that’s where it gets tricky. If only you could just print off a ready-to-go, fill-in template! Oh wait, you can! Steal our summer schedule template and move on to the fun stuff!

Camp-Inspired Arts & Crafts

Bead it! Burn it! Bash it! Camp crafts are seriously epic and help kids gain incredible vocational hand skills. Plus, hand your kid a mallet or wood-burner and you’ll earn some major cool parent points. Talk about a summer win.

Rec It & Trek It! Adventuring 101

Outings and adventuring are two very different games. Find out how to transition from “set” or “preconceived” outings to open-ended, wild and free adventuring!

Spooks, Scavengers, Skits, Silly Songs, and (S)more!

Campfire Circle is perhaps the most enriching of all summer activities. Learn how to harness all its magic for a summer tradition your family will truly never forget.

Making Lifelong, Camp-Inspired Memories!

new hike, new state

When it comes to summer, I think what we parents most want is for it to be memorable.

Pranks, Punks, and Practical Jokes

Making a little summer mischief with our kids can work wonders to help slough off a rough school year and provide a safe and satisfying outlet for pent-up childhood larks.

Honoring Old-Fashioned Fun Before Summer’s End

Kids need time to just be kids. And unfortunately, many don’t have that luxury . . . scratch that . . . necessity too often during the school year. Help your kids get it out, blow it off, bust a move, and have a blast! Join them, and it will be a summer to remember.

I hope you and your family will join us this summer in building Camp-Inspired Heritage through experiences that are skill-strong, character-deep, value-rich, and fantastically fun!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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  1. I just love re-visiting your camp memories, you really captured how integral camp can be in a family. It’s a thread running through the years that has shaped my family in so many ways. I remember first week back at school every year, the teacher would assign the first writing prompt- What I did this Summer! There were stories about San Diego resorts, Hawaii, Dude Ranches, etc. I was almost ashamed to write that AGAIN I had been camping or working at camp all summer. I got to do all those higher class things eventually but the treasure, the real adventure in growing up was always camp!

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