OUR 1-YEAR BLOG-AVERSARY SPECIAL! Your favorite posts + top requests & FAQ’s!

Poof! A year in the blogging bag, just like that. Thanks for being here with me!

Today’s post is a fun look back and an exciting look forward! I’ve tallied the likes and put together a list of follower-favorite posts from our first year together (every post involving chocolate made this list by the way 😆 ), as well as taken your requests and added them to my list of upcoming posts for our next year together!

A Day on the Farm, Little Golden Book

This blog is still in the honeymoon phase with it’s start date a year ago, March 25th, 2020. It began with just 13 followers and as of today (364 days + 130 posts later . . . can you believe it?) we have just added our 162nd follower! So thank you all for following, liking, commenting, and sharing posts and resources with friends and family! This blog has been one of the highlights of my past year. I’m so happy to be writing again, so happy to be taking pictures again, so excited to be educating again, and so thankful for each of you and your moral support! An extra, extra special thanks to those of you who took the time to write me personal texts and emails of kind encouragement. You kept me going (sometimes past 11pm) and brought so much joy to my year!

Your Top Ten Favorite Posts from Our 1st Year Together:

*these results are according to likes only

#10: Confessions of a Real-Life Homeschool Mama

#9: Questions Homeschool Kids Hate + Replacement Questions They’ll Appreciate!

#8: Early-Bird, Make-Ahead THANKSGIVING DINNER SKILL SCHOOL; cookin’ up gobble-gobble-grub & gratitude with kids in the kitchen!

#7: Santa’s WORKshop SKILL SCHOOL: 12 Helpful Holiday Tasks to Unspoil our Kids this Christmas!

#6: Printable, Paintable ~VINTAGE VALENTINES~ for Little Loves!


#4: ~Rich & Creamy VEGAN HOT COCOA~ Kiss those packets goodbye!

#3: Visions of Sugarplums CHRISTMAS CANDY TUTORIAL!

#2: HOMESCHOOL HACKS; sanity-saving secrets for the Homeschool family!

and . . .

#1: Printable FILL-IN-THE-BLANK, COLOR-ME THANK YOU NOTES! Easy for parents, fun for kids! (pdf included)

By the way . . . my personal favorite posts didn’t make this list 😆 . . . it’s hard to compete with chocolate, apparently! But if you are curious, here are the posts that I extra-especially loved writing:

FAQ’s + Most Requested Posts:

*from follower comments/Q’s as well as personal texts/calls/convos with friends & family

#5: How can I keep my child learning & engaged during the summer?

I’ve been asked this quite a few times over the past few months! In addition to checking out our DIY Summer Camp Series, I invite you to please subscribe and stay tuned for these upcoming posts!

  • The “Soft-Schooled Summer”
  • The “Unschooled Summer”
  • Our Six Week Summer Skill School Series
  • Why Our Family Does All-Year School

#4: How do you have time to Homeschool?

I get asked this . . . a LOT. Here are my main posts that answer this question:

*Also, please stay tuned for an additional post about how/when I prep/plan for Homeschooling and how/when I manage to blog!

#3: What curriculum should I use?

Oh boy. There’s a reason this is such a common question in the Homeschool circuit, and that is that there are just SO MANY OPTIONS. Not to mention WAY TOO MANY OPINIONS. Which is the best? Which is the most affordable? Which takes the least amount of time? Never fear, I have some resources for you! First, I highly recommend reading Cathy Duffey’s “Top 100 Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.” Hilariously enough, I don’t super love her top curriculum picks (they are a little outdated for me), but I LOVE her intro and first few chapters which are a very quick and easy read . . . and yet were entirely transformative for our Homeschool journey! Two thumbs up. Secondly, I have these posts to hopefully help and inspire you further:

#2: How do you actually enjoy Homeschooling?

Well . . . sometimes I don’t! You can read all about that in 33 Reasons Why Our Family LOVES Homeschool (even on days when we don’t LIKE it very much!) But the short and most helpful answer I can give you is that I keep my life very SIMPLE. And I also keep it SLOW. This allows me to truly enjoy the journey! If you want to find out how your family can choose a slow and sacred journey for both childhood and Homeschooling, check out these previous posts:

and . . .

#1: How do I manage my toddler/preschooler while Homeschooling an older sibling?

This is hands-down the most frequently asked question I have received this year, both on and off the blog. I hear you loud and clear, my friends! I have a toddler myself and know this struggle only too well 😆 ! I have been working long and hard on a series of posts all about tending to toddlers and preschoolers in our Homeschools! Please subscribe below and watch for these upcoming posts:

  • Tending Toddlers & Preschoolers while Homeschooling an Older Sibling
  • How we can Enroll, Engage, and Emancipate our Tots in our Homeschools!
  • Toddler Tubs & Trays!
  • The 4 R’s of Happy Toddlers
  • The “Morning Story Basket”: enchanting, imaginative play for Preschoolers!
  • Pencil Prep-School for Preschoolers!


for reading . . .

for following . . .

for liking and commenting . . .

for reaching out . . .

for sharing . . .

and most of all . . .

for being a present & proactive parent!

Cheers to our next year together!

Love, ~OurHolisticHomeschool~

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