Printable FILL-IN-THE-BLANK, COLOR-ME THANK YOU NOTES! Easy for parents, fun for kids! (pdf included)

Welcome to our New Year Homeschool Restart Series! If you are just joining us, here’s what you’ve missed so far:

Let’s kick off our New Year Homeschool Restart with . . . GRATITUDE. Shall we?

As promised in my last post, Overcoming the AFTER-CHRISTMAS-COMA, today I have a quick and easy printable for you to help your kids cultivate gratitude as we usher in our New Year Homeschool Restart together!

These fill-in-the-blank, coloring-page style thank you notes are as much for you as they are for your kids! If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re either tired of writing thank-you-notes for your kids/students or sick of nagging them to do it (or both). I first designed these notes for my son after his 3rd birthday party. Truth be told, I was overwhelmed with writing so many thank you notes post-party . . . plus I wanted him to begin cultivating gratitude by taking part in the courtesy of thanking his own guests. At the same time, however, I didn’t want him to be overwhelmed since he was still learning to write at the time. And lastly, I wanted to be involved as little as possible in the process. How’s that for honesty?

So, I began looking for a fill-in-thank-you-card template to purchase and couldn’t find one that fit my criteria. Why am I not surprised? Reinventing the wheel is my favorite, after all. I ended up just creating my own that fit exactly what I wanted, and we’ve been happily using them ever since. I’ve made a few updates over the past few years, and today I am sharing them with you! I hope that they may be helpful to you in facilitating your child’s journey with gratitude as well as make your life a little easier!

About these Fill-In-the-Blank, Color-Me Thank You Notes:

  • SUPER SIMPLE. That’s really all I want in life. Who’s with me?
  • WON’T EAT UP THE PRINTER RIBBON: These thank-you-cards can be printed on plain cardstock and are black and white ONLY unlike all the (albeit very pretty) full-color ones you can download . . . and you know . . . have to run to the office store to replace your ink cartridges halfway through.
  • INTERACTIVE, CUSTOMIZABLE & ART-FRIENDLY: Rather than just filling in words in the card, which kids will most likely still view as a pretty boring task, these cards are much more interactive. There are choices to be circled, highlighted, or bedazzled. There are little picture icons to be filled in with whatever art medium of the child’s choosing. Colored pencils, crayons, pastels, watercolors, stickers. . . these thank you notes are blank canvases for your little ones’ gratitude and creativity.
  • VINTAGE LOOK, GRANDMA-FRIENDLY: Not every card needs a picture of Elsa or Thomas the Train. After all, the thank you note is not FOR Elsa or Thomas, and it’s almost always going to be for Grandma. These cards are not bold, in your face, cartoony, or obtrusive in any way. I aimed for simplicity when I created them. Don’t kids have enough bombarding of the senses these days? These are thank you notes. Customizable for the recipient.
  • VERSIONS FOR BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS: This pdf includes four different versions of the same basic thank you note. Two for birthday (one is for guests who attended the party, and another is for those who just sent a gift), and two others for Christmas (one is for tangible gifts and another for gift cards, cash, or money gifts).
  • SMALL, FLAT CARD SIZE FOR STANDARD MAILING: These cards are flat, no folding required (you know . . . keeping it simple) and will fit in regular greeting card envelopes. This is to make your life easier, after all! If you want more of a pop of color (that is if your kids/students didn’t paint the entire backgrounds and cover everything in glitter) these cards can be mounted on colored cardstock and will still fit easily into standard envelopes.

HERE THEY ARE! Ready to download and print!

I hope you (I mean your kids/students) enjoy these customizable thank you cards! If your kids use these notes, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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