HOMESCHOOLING GOT DERAILED BY THE HOLIDAYS? Let’s get Back On Track together! All Aboard Our New Year Homeschool Restart Series!

If your Homeschooling has been going off the rails on a crazy train since the holidays hit, you’re not alone. My whole life I have felt that the holidays come too quickly on the heels of a new school year. I felt this way when I was a student, I felt this way when I was a teacher, and I feel this way more than ever as a Homeschool parent.

It seems like as soon as you get into a good rhythm each new school year . . . chugging along at a happy pace on the lovely transcurricular railway . . . there’s hardly time to take in the scenery before you have to pull hard back on your brakes—sparks flying, steam blowing—to stop for a mummy crossing at the dreaded ghost town they call Halloween. No sooner has your train hissed to a halt when all your passengers spot a creepy confectioner’s shop on the corner and suddenly you are delayed by a deadly candy crisis.

It takes some time and some considerable effort, but you finally manage to get all your sugar-high zombie passengers back on board and somewhat seated. You say a grateful goodbye to Halloween town (such a monstrous place), but your train barely gets back up to speed again before a giant turkey scrambles over the tracks and BAM! Gobble-gobble-golly-gee! you are overtaken by a frenzy of feathers and feasting. And worst of all, you hardly have time to shove down a third slice of pumpkin pie when . . . ZOOM! you’re whisked off on an express train heading in a completely different direction—full steam—to the North Pole.


If your Homeschooling efforts have been railroaded by holiday hoopla . . .

If you and your kids have endured one whistle stop too many . . .

If you’re having a hard time coupling your kids back to your engine . . .

If you’re fresh out of coal or water or are feeling a bit tender . . .

If you or your kids are struggling to get off your . . . uh . . . cabooses . . .

If your Homeschooling has just gone plain chugga-chugga-COO-COO . . .

Here’s your first-class ticket to board our Homeschool Restart Express!


Join us this January for our NEW YEAR HOMESCHOOL RESTART SERIES!

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We hope to see you this Monday on the platform!

Thank you for reading!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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