Printable ~CHRISTMAS COUPONS~ for a Festive & Focused Homeschool Holiday Season! (pdf included)

Welcome to our 12 DAYS OF HOMESCHOOL CHRISTMAS POSTS! Thanks for joining us!

For our 1st day of Homeschool Christmas . . . we have Homeschool Incentive CHRISTMAS COUPONS!

Merry Mayhem

The Thanksgiving Turkey leftovers had barely been pyrexed and fridged before the Sugar Plum Fairy descended and crop-dusted our home with Christmas-Spirit. I have to admit, I started it. As I was putting out the pies, I asked my brother if I was allowed to play Christmas music now that we had finished eating Thanksgiving dinner. My brother is a firm believer in no Christmas music or decorations of any kind until the gobbler has been gobbled. He gave me the thumbs up and I was jumping up and down in excitement with the remote in my hand while I found my favorite music video ever made: the one, the only . . . Last Christmas by Wham.

If you haven’t seen this 80’s boy-band Christmas treat before, you’re welcome. It may not strike everyone’s funny bone, but we —myself, my hubby, and my little brother— find the 80’s absolutely hysterical. The 80’s with snow, tinsel, Christmas broches, and dramatic ski lift gondolas? Side-splitting. Thirty seconds into watching this big-hair, Christmas masterpiece, my brother was laughing in gasps and I had tears rolling down my cheeks. No . . . we were entirely sober. Just totally drunk on Christmas spirit.

But this festive frenzy of mine usually doesn’t last very long. Every year I look forward to Christmas, and every year . . . somewhere around the 17th or so of December I start to feel like a band of elves has snuck into our house and then proceeded to throw up everywhere . . . ribbons, sugar, tinsel, glitter . . . in garish hues of red and green. And I’m the head elf. By New Years I am positively itching to tub and tote it all far, far out of sight. Of course, I keep all of this bah-hum-bug, Grinch-talk to myself because it would break our little whos’ hearts!

The holidays can be hectic. But Homeschooling during the holidays? It can be nothing short of merry mayhem! There is so much for us Homeschool parents to compete with in December! Christmas movies, cookie baking, letters to Santa, decking the halls, and the never ending, incessant, maddening ring-ting-ting-a-ling-too of those jingle bells! I don’t want to rain on our kids’ Christmas spirit, but we still have three weeks of Homeschool before “winter break”! It was only the day after Thanksgiving that I realized that I was going to need some extra creative ideas to help our family remain focused in school amidst all the festive-frolic and Sugar Plum fairy-dust!

Today’s post is what I came up with to corral Christmas during the Homeschool day and manage that merry mayhem! I give you our collection of Christmas Coupons to help the Homeschool family navigate the holiday season . . . infusing plenty of festive fun but maintaining regular focus on learning.

I hope these Christmas Coupons will be helpful to you this month in your Homeschool Holiday journey!

Our Homeschool Holiday ~CHRISTMAS COUPONS~

Celebrating . . .

~Festive & Focused Fun, Vintage Illustrations, and Creativity~


~Pajama Day Voucher~

An on-demand Christmas-Cozy, Homeschool PJ day!

~Christmas Party Hop or Jolly Jingle Bell Jamboree~

An on-demand Christmas dance party to break up the school day!

~Once Upon a Christmas~

Skip school for the day, or take the afternoon off and cozy up to read or listen to endless Christmas stories!

*Tune in later this week for our Living Literature List of Christmas Picture Books!

~Christmas Cocoa/Coffee Coupon and/or Christmas Tea Party~

A cup of cozy cocoa or coffee to sip during reading time, or a Christmas Tea Party to end the day!

~Christmas Movie Ticket~

Start the school day late, or end it early to snuggle up and watch a favorite Christmas movie!



1.) Print the black & white coupons (whichever you choose to use) onto woven white cardstock and allow your child to color or paint to create a “uniquely-theirs” product. Otherwise, print as is onto regular or colored cardstock.

2.) Cut ’em out

3.) Designate a “BANK” and a “STASH”. You may recall this step from our Customizable MOVIE TICKET SYSTEM or our BOOK BUCK$ SYSTEM: store these Homeschool Holiday Christmas Coupons in a “bank” close by your Homeschool area/room or close to whatever activity/chore your coupons will be rewarded for completing. We are keeping our “bank” in a Christmas stocking to make it extra fun and festive.

4.) Anchor Coupons to specific activities or task completions:

We are keeping it simple and allowing our kids to choose any holiday ticket of their choice at the end of each school day (upon completion of all course work). Whatever coupon they choose can be used the following school day or saved for later. Also, feel free to install attitude or good behavior clauses.

5.) Set up ground rules:

Be sure and set up clear instructions for use with these coupons. They are designed to help you corral the merry mayhem, not create more! Set up specific windows in which coupons/tickets/vouchers may be used during a school day, or install limits such as only one coupon to be used each day.

6.) Commit to the coupon:

When your child wields the power play and waves a coupon triumphantly in their hand, give them a satisfying reaction such as “oh!!! Now? You want to use it now?” Smile, laugh, and have that tea party, or put on your pajamas, or cuddle up to read The Grinch. Make that coupon really worth while to your child by being present with them.

Well, here they are! Ready to print!

Share these coupons with another Homeschool family!

Thanks for clipping these CHRISTMAS COUPONS! I’d love to hear how you use them!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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