5 Days of DIY for the Homeschool Room!

The “our” in ~Our Holistic Homeschool~ really got a workout this week. Although the content and posts on this blog are created by yours truly (mama/teacher/facilitator), the actual WORK for ~Our Holistic Homeschool~ is a collaborative family effort . . . especially this past week. Of course the kids are kind of integral to this whole Homeschool gig . . . it would be kind of weird if they weren’t . . . but Papa is absolutely essential as well. In addition to reading every single post I write and offering feedback (he’s biased so it’s almost all terribly positive), Papa is responsible for a lot of the elbow-grease that goes into completing my blueprints.

Forget “wind beneath my wings” . . .

he’s the nail gun and table saw behind my pretty pictures.

Truth be told, my ideas often exceed my actual abilities. I’m basically only good at five things in life: reading, writing, cooking, drinking lots of tea, and coming up with incredibly ambitious and often impractical ideas. Thankfully for me, my husband’s talents are much more wide-spread than my own. Among many, many other things, he is an experienced carpenter and all-around handy-man. And I really exploit his love for me by utilizing his skills.

school room12

But this week resulted in even more sawdust than usual. The problem was . . . I got excited. Creative people should never get excited. It’s dangerous. Since moving into our new home across the country, we finally have the extra space for a Homeschool Room, and in all honesty . . . an entire room is really too much for someone like me to have at their disposal. So— spoiler-alert—I went a little overboard! When I told my husband what I had planned, his face got that sort of resigned, pre-exhausted look that is well-worn by the those who support their crazy . . . I mean creative partners.

A week and a whole lot of sawdust later—our Homeschool Room is finished! Better yet, I’m absolutely thrilled with it! Honestly, walking into this room makes me so incredibly happy (nerd alert!) and we got to enjoy our first day of school in it together yesterday. I’m not sure our toddler really noticed the transformation other than all the things to touch and discover on the shelves . . . but our Kindergartener was absolutely in love. He even asked me to write down in his journal all his favorite things about the new school room and his first day! Yeah, he’s basically the sweetest.

back to school 3

So, join us this week as I reveal our 5 days of DIY projects for the Homeschool Room! I guess DIY is a little misleading . . . for us it was more like 5 days of DIO (do it ourselves) with an emphasis on DITYH (delegate it to your Hubby) because only about two fifths of these projects were completed by little ole’ me. However, if you decide to tackle some of these solo, I have much more faith in you than I would have in me! I’m super dangerous with power tools. At any rate, I’ve tried my best to speed up and simplify the steps involved so you can DIY or DIO or DITYH with a little less mess and a little extra moxie!

~5 Days of DIY for the School Room~

Day 1: Vintage Framed ABC’s

school room10

Day 2: Back-to-School Book Bunting (templates included)


Day 3: Chalkboard Makeover FAIL; your complete tutorial for what NOT to do

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is school-room31.jpg


Day 5: Trays on Display! The Montessori-inspired Shelving Unit

school room13

~Our Holistic Homeschool~ Room REVEAL!!

school room35

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