Your “Suddenly-Homeschooling” CRASH-COURSE-GUIDE! Updated + expanded for Back-to-School 2020!

Thanks for joining our Back-to-School HOMESCHOOL Series!

If you are “Suddenly-Homeschooling” (surprise!) for fall 2020, chances are you are feeling a little lost for where to start. From homeschool style, to curriculum choices, to scheduling, to socializing —it’s a lot to navigate! So, if you are feeling stressed out, maxed out, freaked out . . . just breathe!


I put this crash-course guide together back in March to help parents out during the “Spring Break from Hell” . . . but I have reconfigured and expanded it to cover much bigger ground; Back-To-School 2020. I ‘ve done everything I can to create as streamlined yet comprehensive a guide as possible, including free resources, templates, tutorials, homeschool hacks, and sanity-saving secrets!

I’m hoping you will join us, and that this guide will greatly ease your transition into this unexpected and (I hope) blessed journey with your child(ren) and entire family. May our families THRIVE this upcoming school year, and not just SURVIVE.

Here’s what we’re covering in this 10-Part Series!

1.) What’s your family’s education/homeschool style? Take our QUIZ!

IMG_5769 - Copy

2.) Solving the CURRICULUM CONUNDRUM part 1; the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly!

text book

3.) Solving the CURRICULUM CONUNDRUM part 2: which to BUY? Or DIY?

montessori manipulatives3

4.) Solving the CURRICULUM CONUNDRUM part 3: finding our beautiful compromise!

text book 2

5.) Creating your family’s personalized HOMESCHOOL SCHEDULE & LESSON PLANS! (templates included)

block schedule


back to school 33

7.) a PLACE in SPACE & TIME for Homeschool

back to school 34

8.) SOCIALIZING JUST GOT WEIRD. The considerations, complications, and finding a compromise!


9.) HOMESCHOOL HACKS; Sanity-Saving Secrets for the “Suddenly Homeschooling” Family!

homeschool hacks

10.) Our Favorite MONTESSORI MANIPULATIVES & what in the world to do with them!

montessori manipulatives

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Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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