Camp-Themed BOOKS to get in the spirit for Camp Quarantine!

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Today’s post cost me nearly 50 bucks to write . . . because I kept splurging on new books for our kids! I was copying and pasting those Amazon links and I just couldn’t help it. So now our kids will have a new (used) camp-themed book to open every day of our Camp Quarantine (which we’re calling “Camp Creepy-Critters” as our son is currently obsessed with bugs). So, join me in splurging on a few new or gently used camp-themed books to read aloud each night of your DIY Summer Camp.

Make it cozy with a cup of hot cocoa, or read by firelight while roasting marshmallows, or make it spooky in a tent with a flashlight. Combine the magic of reading with the magic of Summer Camp and nature. The result will be something truly unforgettable.

Camp-Themed BOOKS for every age

~POLLYWOGS (under 6)~

Just Me and My Dad

Amazon Link

Llama Llama Loves Camping

Amazon Link

Froggy Goes to Camp

Amazon Link

Curious George Goes Camping

Amazon Link

Fred & Ted Go Camping

Amazon Link

The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp

Amazon Link

Berenstain Bears books hold a special place in my heart. And so many are filled with great summer fun. Other Summer Camp-themed Berenstain Bears books:

  • The Bear Scouts
  • Blaze the Trail
  • No Girls Allowed
  • Too Much Vacation

Father Bear Comes Home

Amazon Link

~LIGHTNING BUGS (ages 6-9)~

Judy Blume and the Not Bummer Summer

Amazon Link

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever

Amazon Link

Like Bug Juice on a Burger

Amazon Link

Runaway Ralph
(sequel to The Mouse & the Motorcycle)

Amazon Link

Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries

Amazon Link

Trumpet of the Swan

camp 3
Amazon Link

Summer According to Humphrey


This book is currently sold out on Amazon (high demand despite the lack-luster cover!) but is readily available used from many online used books sites like this one: Abe Books Link

The Summer Camp Mystery (Boxcar Children)

Amazon Link

~SCOUTS (ages 9-12)~

The Parent Trap

Amazon Link

Read the original German story that inspired the Hollywood films.

Applewhites at Wit’s End

Amazon Link

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days

Amazon Link

Camp (a graphic novel) 

Amazon Link

Cheesie Mack is Cool in a Duel

Amazon Link

I Want to Go Home

Amazon Link

How Tia Lola Saved the Summer

Amazon Link

Read the story of a woman who creates a summer camp experience at home for her nieces and nephews! You’d think it would have been written especially for this year!

The Dangerous Book for Boys

This is book is non-fiction, and is not technically a “camp-themed” book. However, this encyclopedia-like curiosity-quencher of a book embodies the spirit of summer camp for the inquisitive boy and tom-boy. I think the gender exclusive title gives it away . . .  but just to be clear: this book will most likely not appeal to girly-girls . . . it is most definitely for kids who like to muck about and those who like to explore topics like spiders, epic battles, dinosaur fossils, and how to make a bow and arrow. We read sections of this book aloud to our son, and he just loves it. He gets to taste a lot of different topics and many new interests/obsessions have been kindled by this book. Don’t try and order it on Amazon . . . unless you want to pay $900 (not kidding). But it is readily available used online for less than $10: Thriftbook Link

~RANGERS (ages 12 and up)~

*Camp-themed books for this age-range are limited. I found a few, but . . . they didn’t really seem appropriate to me for teens. No matter! Some of the books listed for the “Scouts” age group may still appeal to your older teen . . . otherwise, any great adventure book or series will work wonderfully for fun summer reading. You can find adventure as well as nature-themed books for every age on my book list here: “Isolation Blues” Bibliotherapy & Book Lists (for kids of all ages)

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I hope you and your family will join us this summer in building Camp-Inspired Heritage through experiences that are skill-strong, character-deep, and value-rich.

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~


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