Day 16: BUNNY BONUS POST; How to have a Hopping Indoor Easter (Picture Tutorials)

Today I have 4 follow-up PICTURE TUTORIALS for you, following Sunday’s post: Day 11: How to have a HOPPING INDOOR EASTER that your family will never forget!

  1. My nieces created the world’s most beautiful Resurrection Garden this week and I just had to share it with you!
  2. Following the super inspiring scavenger hunt ideas I gleaned from my mom, I put together a super easy Easter scavenger hunt for my son and thought I’d share my photos! It didn’t take long to prepare, and I know he is going to be thrilled.
  3. My husband and son discovered a cool trick with plastic Easter eggs yesterday (is boredom the mother of invention or what?) so in case your kids are super bored, I included a quick video tutorial.
  4. My mom sent me another hilarious BUNNY BUTT TREAT IDEA for the world’s cutest Easter breakfast! Too cute not to share!

Our 19 DAY Homeschool Journey will continue on Monday! Have a HAPPY EASTER & RESURRECTION WEEKEND with your families!

~courtesy of my lovely sister & nieces~

Resurrection Garden: ONE

Resurrection Garden, TWO

Ressurection Garden, THREE

Resurrection Garden, FOUR

*Bright Green Cover = Irish/Scottish Moss

*Dark Green Cover = Faux Moss from the dollar store

*Fairy Garden figurines from Big Lots and the dollar store



1.) Old Magazineseaster

2.) Cut out pictures of things that correspond to items in your home that your child can identifyeaster 1

3.) Fold and place inside Easter eggseaster2

4.) Hide the eggs in sequence

*Important Tip: be sure to hide the eggs so that they are difficult to spot/find without the clues. Tell your child that if he/she finds an egg by accident, to wait until the corresponding clue to gather it, otherwise Benjamin Bunny may never be found!

5.) End the hunt with Benjamin Bunny, child’s Easter Basket, or another prize/gift!


EASTER EGG SPIN COMPETITION VIDEO “TUTORIAL” ~courtesy of my cooped-up boys~

BUNNY-BUTT PANCAKES ~finders’ credit to my amazing mom~

bunny butt1

“I’LL BE BACK!” See you Monday!

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Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~

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