Day 11: How to have a HOPPING INDOOR EASTER that your family will never forget!

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The Easter Eggstravaganza may have been canceled this year, but let’s not let that rain on our Easter Parade! Easter is one week from today and it’s time to think outside of the. . . basket. I’ve put together a list of ways we can have a Hare-Raising Easter that the family will never forget! Plus, I’ve included a second list of ways for the Christian family to mark and celebrate Resurrection Sunday!


1.) Dress up anyway!

sunday clothes

“Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out,
Strut down the street and have your picture took!
Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about,
That Sunday shine is a certain sign
That you feel as fine as you look!”


bunny butt

There are tons of amazing bunny cakes on Pinterest, but I chose this one because it is easy enough for the kids to pitch in, and I think the entire family would get a good laugh out of it!

For the instructions and recipe, click here: Bunny Butt Cake

3.) Have a Bunny Hunt!

bunny foo fooWhere in the world is Bunny Foo-Foo? Or where in the world is Benjamin Bunny? All you need for this activity is a stuffed bunny or three. Hide the bunny somewhere in the house (or multiple bunnies if you have more than one child, each designated to a specific child, such as marked with a different colored ribbon) and have your kids hunt for him/her! You can also scatter or hide Easter eggs around the house each with a vague clue inside about the whereabouts of the rogue rabbit to help your kids on their quest. (For multiple bunnies, designate a color of egg to each child for clues).

4.) Have an Eggstravagant Scavenger Hunt!

cluesI put in a life-line call to my mom for this one; my mother is the queen of scavenger hunts! I can’t even fully describe the elaborate Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts I participated in growing up. I’m talking about truly epic egg hunts — beautiful recycled Easter cards with clues referencing Mr. Mcgregor’s garden, leading us out to a set-up scene in the vegetable garden with our beautiful Easter Basket as the centerpiece. Sometimes crosswords were involved, or underlined letters in a passage out of a bunny book for decoding the whereabouts of our next clue, beautiful riddles (that drove us mad) written in cursive, or challenges that had to be completed for receipt of the next envelope.

Half of the Easter Scavenger hunts I remember ended up taking place inside. My mom would always plan a “back-up” indoor egg hunt in case it rained, which half the time it did. Having an indoor egg hunt may not produce as great of pictures, but with a little effort it is sure to be every bit as fun. Especially if you have an “Eye-Spy-House” as mine was growing up.

So here is a list that the queen of scavenger hunts herself helped me put together: the most successful and accessible scavenger hunt ideas to help you get started. It really doesn’t have to be that much work. You can make the hunt very easy for little kids and more challenging for older kids. Go as simple or elaborate as you like —your family is sure to love it either way! Trust me on this!

  • Bunny Book Hunt: write out little passages or clues that lead your child to favorite books around the house, each containing the subsequent clue (perhaps placed in an envelope) and ultimately leading to an Easter Basket.
  • Egg Challenge: write a series of challenges and place each in an Easter Egg. Give your kid(s) the first egg with a challenge inside (such as bunny hop up the stairs, or eat this carrot) and have them complete this to earn their next egg, and so on.
  • Puzzling Eggs: Write out a single riddle or clue on a large piece of cardstock. Cut it up into puzzle pieces that are small enough to fit inside Easter eggs. Place each puzzle piece into an Easter egg and hide them around the house (or have multiple puzzles in color-coordinated eggs for multiple kids). Once all the puzzle pieces have been found, and the puzzle put together, then the clue can be decoded and the Easter Basket found.
  • Puzzling Picture Eggs: A picture is worth 1000…. clues? Use a picture out of a magazine as the clue for the whereabouts for an Easter basket. Mount it on cardstock, cut it up into puzzle pieces that are small enough to fit inside an Easter egg. Place each puzzle piece into an Easter egg and hide them around the house (or have multiple puzzles in color-coordinated eggs for multiple kids). Once all the puzzle pieces have been found, and the puzzle put together, then the picture can be decoded and the Easter Basket found.

5.) Cozy up with Bunny Books!

IMG_9022 (2)

If you’ve been following our 19 DAY JOURNEY with me, you had to know this one was coming!! Nothing to calm a day down quite like cozying up with your family with a special book! If you missed my Bunny Book lists, click here: Day 4: Book It Bonus: BUNNY BOOKS FOR EASTER! (links included for audiobooks, ebooks, and Amazon)

6.) Make Deviled Chicks!


My son LOVED doing this! They are CHEEP to make (sorry, I can’t resist), and easy enough even for little kids to help make. For the recipe & instructions, click here: Deviled Egg Chicks

7.) Watch Bunny Movies!

For littles and middles:

  • It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown on Amazon Prime video, click here: Amazon link
  • Hop on Netflix, click here: Netflix link
  • Peter Rabbit on Amazon Prime video, click here: Amazon link

For older kids:

  • Easter Parade on Amazon Prime video, click here: Amazon link
  • Harvey on Amazon Prime video, click here: Amazon link
  • Watership Down series on Netflix, click here: Netflix link

8.) Skip store-bought candy and go for gold!

moneyTake the money that you would normally spend on Easter candy, and instead fill those eggs with silver and gold (ok, copper)! Your kids will love it, it’s healthier (in some ways), and you won’t have to brave a trip to the store! There’s nothing like an Easter egg full of good, old-fashioned money.

9.) Play Pin the Cottontail on the Rabbit!

Print out any picture of a bunny you like (or draw/paint one on a poster), blindfold your kids, and have them try to “pin” the cottontail (cottonballs or pom-poms) on the rabbit! (Double-sided tape is usually the easiest method).

pin the tailPin the Tail on the Bunny

10.) Have a Bunny-Sack Race!

bunny sackBunny Sack Race

11.) Share the culturally enriching experience of watching Ukraine Easter Egg Art with your kids!

And I’m not even cool enough to take on dying eggs the normal way. That whole blowing the yoke out of the egg thing… I’ll pass.

12.) Make Homemade Easter Candy!

My son and I love to make candy together, it’s seriously so much fun, and surprisingly easy! We made our Easter candy batch early so we could share it with you! Check out our tutorial for how to make from-scratch fruit gummies, click here: Day 12: HOMEMADE EASTER CANDY TUTORIAL: 3-ingredient Gummies, & 4-ingredient Chocolate Date “Snickers” Eggs. Pictured below is a sneak-peak at the batch we made this afternoon!


Here’s what you will need to make candy with us:

For Gummies:

  • Fresh or frozen fruit: raspberries, blueberries, and kiwis are our favorite flavors
  • Lemons and/or limes
  • Gelatin (2 tablespoons per flavored batch)
  • Maple Syrup
  • Silicone candy molds or silicone ice cube trays

For Chocolate Date “Snickers”:

  • Chocolate chips
  • Dates
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peanuts
  • Silicone candy molds or Easter eggs

6 Ways to Remember Resurrection Sunday as a Family

1.) Have an Easter Sunrise Service!


I have vivid memories of the holidays of my childhood. My mother went to great lengths to create very special, creative, and enriching holiday experiences. Among my most vivid holiday memories, are the Easters where our celebration began with an Easter Sunrise Service. Rising before dawn, and celebrating the resurrection of the Son raising from the grave with the tangible symbolism of watching the sun raising from the dark sky and lighting the earth will make a lasting impact on your entire family. You can sleep in another day.

2.) Read the Resurrection Story

IMG_9028 (3)

3.) Sing these Sacred Easter Hymns together:

4.) Bring Christ’s resurrection to life!


  • Bust out your flannelgraph if you have any
  • or act out the resurrection with dolls/figurines, or act it out as a family!

5.) Make a Resurrection Garden Centerpiece!

Resurrection Garden, FOUR

Remove the Easter Bunny from front and center, and put a Resurrection Garden at the center of your Easter table! For ultimate impact, have your children remove the stone away from the tomb (the terracotta pot) to reveal a lit candle (probably battery-operated would be safest) inside representing Jesus’ miraculous resurrection, and then sing one of the resurrection hymns above! This would be a beautiful way to start an Easter Sunrise Service.

6.) Make Hot-Cross-Buns

hot cross buns

Symbolic in their decoration, substance, and in their spices, Hot-Cross-Buns are a beautiful way to celebrate the end of lent, Good Friday, or Easter Sunday. The buns are iced with a cross to remind us of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice to us, the eating of the bread is a reminder of eating the body of Christ as we do in communion, and the spices used in the buns are to remind Christians of the spices that were used to embalm Jesus when he was laid in the tomb.

Read the entire history of Hot-Cross-Buns with your family here: Hot-Cross-Bun History

For the recipe, click here: Hot-Cross-Buns Recipe

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