Day 9: “I’ve got you, babe!” 40 ways to spend the day (and evening) so your family’s indoor weekend won’t totally suck!

~Our 19 DAY JOURNEY of inspiration, activities, and resources continues!~

It’s Friday; another weird week comes to a close. The weekend is here…. but…. it doesn’t feel like the weekend. What to do? Another weekend at home??? Anyone else starting to feel like Phil Connors in Groundhog’s Day? In case your alarm clock is playing that same old tune day after day and your whole family is heading toward the cliff with a rogue rodent in tow: don’t worry, “I’ve got you babe!” I’ve put together a list of weekend and “Blursday” ideas to break up this spring-fever-time-loop and help us get back to some quality time as a family!


23 themed ideas for how to spend the day with your kid(s):

  1. Bizarre Barber Shop: if you are ever going to let your kid(s) have that mohawk, frost those tips, or try out some lime-green highlights, now is the time to do it! Bust out some hydrogen peroxide and buzz-cutter and have a crazy hair day! (Don’t forget to leave out all the hair for the birds to gather for their nests!)
  2. Game Day: do not pass go, do not collect $200! bust out the card and board games and make a day of it!
  3. Art Appreciation Day: admire famous works of art, or look through picture books with wonderful illustrations. Then, spend a day drawing or painting in a particular style.notes2
  4. Music Appreciation Day: admire iconic pieces of classical music or listen to amazing film scores together. Allow the music to inspire you and your kids’ creativity -from writing a poem or story to painting a mural together.
  5. DIY Day: time to get cracking on all those DIY pins you’ve saving for a rainy day! Make those homemade soaps, shampoos, detergents, and hand sanitizers!
  6. Science Day: put on some goggles and gloves and concoct some magic potions in the kitchen or backyard.IMG_7415
  7. Heritage Day: get out all of the family photo albums and spend a day traveling back in time with your kids. Show them where you grew up, your high school year book, or go way back and show them their family tree and the countries their ancestors are from.
  8. Dirt Day: plant a victory garden! (Read my mom’s awesome post about Victory Gardens on her blog “Granny Hat” click here: Freedom from Fear, Plant a Victory Gardenseeds
  9. Domestic Day: teach your kids all those life skills you’ve been meaning to impart to them…. and get a clean house out of the deal!
  10. Spa Day: manis, pedis, scrubs, facials…. and don’t forget the cucumber slices!
  11. Have a tea party (or create a Coffee Shop atmosphere for older kids)
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Cooking/Baking Day39 (2)
  14. Declutter Day: roll a dice and every family member has to fill that number of bags or boxes with things to donate, or go full Marie Kondo and declutter the entire house top to bottom!
  15. Fix-It Day: get out those tools and teach your kids the skills of being a repair man or woman.
  16. Craft or Sewing DayIMG_5484
  17. Balloon Day: blow up as many balloons as you have, or have breath for, and walk away.
  18. Extreme Room Makeover Day: pick a room in the house that needs a face lift and tackle it as a family!
  19. Scavenger Hunt Day: create a scavenger hunt riddled with fun for the whole family!
  20. Small World Play Day: build a Lego city to rival New York City, Jurassic-Park worthy dinosaur world, Brio track to rival the island of Sodor’s, or the world’s most creative dollhouse!IMG_4210
  21. Build an Ultimate Fort: outdoor or indoor, sticks and vines, or blankets and pillows… it doesn’t matter.
  22. Ultimate Sunday School: if your family usually goes to church on Sunday mornings, have an ultimate Sunday School or church service at home! Bust out flannelgraph, sing fun Sunday songs, have a sword drill (anyone?), perform a Bible skit, the works!
  23. Dress Up Day: get out all of the old Halloween costumes and see where they take you! Or for older kids, have a themed costume party, like a Masquerade.costumes


17 themed ideas for how to spend the evening with your kid(s):

  1. Bowling Night: try stuffed animals or shampoo bottles for pins and a soccer ball for the bowling ball
  2. Glow-in-the-Dark-Nerf-Night
  3. Laser/Flashlight Tag
  4. Game Night: do not pass go, do not collect $200! Bust out those cards and dice and board games!game 1
  5. Bring your favorite restaurant to your kitchen: recreate the mood and cuisine of your favorite restaurant and eat in!
  6. Go to the movies: recreate the mood of your local movie theater, and don’t forget the popcorn!
  7. Mini-golf: get creative with creating an indoor mini golf course!
  8. Living Room Football: just don’t break your nose like I did.
  9. Talent Show: bust out your old talents for your kids, or be the audience for theirs!peace7
  10. Pet Show: spectate as your kids parade the newly groomed dog around the living room, or watch as they parade their stuffed animals for scoring.
  11. Fashion Show: applaud your budding designer as he/she shows off in style.
  12. Concert: spend your Saturday night applauding your little (or big) rock stars!
  13. Play, or Musical: Let it GO! Put on a Broadway show in your own living room!
  14. Family Sleepover: movies and popcorn ’til midnight
  15. Living Room Campout: turn on nature sounds, pitch that tent, and roast marshmallows in the fireplace or over a candle!
  16. Minute-to-win-it: set up some challenges with all those supplies you have stock-piled and blow off some steam from that pressure-cooker!
  17. Family Olympics Games: divide into teams and go for gold!

IMG_5500 (2)

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