Day 4: Book It Bonus: BUNNY BOOKS FOR EASTER! (links included for audiobooks, ebooks, and Amazon)

IMG_9013 (2)~Our 19 Day Journey of Inspiration, Activities, and Resources continues!~

Easter Sunday is two weeks from today! We’d better hop to it! I’m prepping for an ultimate indoor egg hunt (in case we still can’t get outside) as well as making homemade Easter candy! (For our Easter candy tutorial, click here: HOMEMADE EASTER CANDY TUTORIAL: 3-ingredient Gummies, & 4-ingredient Chocolate Date “Snickers” Eggs)

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about Easter baskets, and I can’t think of anything  better to put in an Easter basket than a beautiful Easter or BUNNY BOOK! I love making books a central part of all our holidays; why do it just for Christmas? So I’ve put together a few lists of our favorite BUNNY BOOKS (and a few ducky ones, too) sorted by age group to get you started. I even have two spooky bunny chapter books and one with a dragon listed for the 7-10 age group! PLUS: I’ve included links for audiobook versions, sing-along songs, free ebook versions, and Amazon links! OH! By the way: don’t forget to order Easter Eggs! (Just me?)

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Hoppy Reading! (I can’t help the bunny-punnys…. I have a pre-existing genetic disorder for wordplay)

IMG_9016 (2)BUNNY BOOKS for babies

IMG_9022 (2)BUNNY BOOKS ages 2-5

IMG_9019 (2)BUNNY BOOKS ages 5-7

IMG_9026 (2)BUNNY BOOKS ages 7-10

BUNNY BOOK for ages 12+:

IMG_9028 (3)For Christian families who celebrate RESURRECTION DAY, this is the BEST EASTER BOOK! (Ages 4-10)


Please pass this on to a friend!!! SHARING IS CARING (especially if it’s toilet paper)!

Love, ~Our Holistic Homeschool~



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